Welcome to The Catholic Fascist!

August 10, 2010

“No one should doubt that the gunpowder against the infidels is like incense to the Lord.” – Oviedo, 16th c.

Chris Hedges has it right: Christian fascists are growing stronger. But, sadly, not strong enough among our Roman Catholic brethren. Despite some valiant attempts, like our friends at The American Catholic, the Roman Catholic blogosphere remains insufficiently committed to the task of whiteness witness called for during the Second Vatican Council and the duty of spreading American ideals of freedom, capitalism, and unmatched power. Vatican II got so, so many things wrong. But its statement of the Catholic layman’s duty to fight for Catholic truth in the secular sphere could not be more correct.

And today’s United States of America — overrun as it is with radical feminists, whiny liberals, demasculinized “men,” Middle Eastern terrorists, queer homosexualists, greedy pornographers, burnt out drug addicts, lazy deadbeats, and more — needs Christ’s One True Church more than ever. The Catholic Fascist sees its mission as speaking the One Truth into an ambivalent Roman Catholic blogosphere. Our Holy Father is on a mission to purge the Church of its “filth,” and we aim to proclaim and contribute to this cleansing in a way fitting to Internet-connected lay Catholic men.

A note about the blog’s title. Certain minority factions of the Catholic blogosphere have taken to calling conservative Catholics — that is to say TRUE Catholics — “fascists,” a move that is not merely hateful but ignorant of history. Everyone knows that fascists have historically been liberals. Our blog title is not meant to concede that we are “fascists” in the historical sense but to proudly reclaim the word ironically as we boast of the conservative Gospel of Jesus Christ. If promoting the truth is considered “fascist” by the Catholic Left, so be it. Catholic fascists we are.

As founder of The Catholic Fascist, I, Richard Hedges, welcome you to this blog. We will introduce other well-qualified bloggers and exciting features in the coming weeks. Feel free to bookmark us or grab our RSS feed to stay abreast of the truth.


11 Responses to “Welcome to The Catholic Fascist!”

  1. realRCman said

    You didn’t mention our duty to vote for the Republican Party! God’s Own Party is the natural political stance for manly men in this wide country!

    Demoncrats are forcing liberal judges on us! Those pinkos in Congress are out to get our babies and teach our children about “families” with two mommies. Taking away our God-given rights to own any weapon I darn choose! A real Catholic man defends his own home with a semiautomatic, not some sissy pistol. The ideal Catholic home has a wife at the stove, 12 kids in the van, and only the Douey-Reems Bible and the Baltimore Catechism on the bookshelf. I don’t need no “mucus charting”!

    The Internet needs more blogs like this to spread the word about the authentic Catholic lifestyle.

  2. Thank you for your comment, realRCman.

    Generally I agree that the Republican Party is God’s political party but in some ways it is becoming far too liberal. It might be time for an alternative. The Tea Party seems to be moving in the right direction.

  3. I hope you will do your best to be pro-war, any war, espeically with that that pacifist Nobel Peace Prize winning Islamo-fascist in the White House, who is only seemingly continuing the foreign policy of God’s own George W. Bush while in fact “taking marchiong orders from Al-Qaeda” as much much as Ron Paul would have done.

  4. Dave Lister said

    We must be pro-war, but we must remember, we can’t support the war between classes. That’s socialism. The Wave of the Future tells us socialism leads to death and destruction of the wrong people.

  5. Vincent said

    The contributor section is quite funny, I liked it. However, I believe this enterprise is a huge waste of time. There are better ways to spend your time then attack people on the blogsphere, whether on the left or right. The only purpose I see in this is who is witter or smarter than the other blogger. I am beginning to think the whole Catholic blogging this is a waste of time.

  6. steve dalton said

    I like what I see here. I’ll be coming back.

  7. TheraP said

    Having gone to a lot of trouble (likely heretical) to discern and summarize the principles of Fascism (via Leo Strauss and his disciples) I’m passing that wisdom along, just in case there are any Fascist “Principles” you may yet have neglected to put into practice:


    Scroll down to the 13 Principles – if you want to save time. (and your soul!)

    Great blog! Just assisting the “cause” – as it were. 😉

  8. Doug Evans said

    Hello. My name is Doug Evans and I live in Loveland, OH near Cincinnati. I am a devout Roman Catholic. Does anyone know of a “Catholic Fascist party” that exists to join in our country? I feel like the two major parties has sold out.

    Thank you and God Bless.


  9. Doug — Let’s start one! You in?

  10. Doug Evans said


    Sure. That sounds great. You can email me with any ideas you have.


  11. Doug Evans said

    I am back in. My name is Doug Evans and I am 36. I live in Loveland, OH near Cincinnati. Is there a Fascist Party of this kind?

    Thank you and God Bless You.


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