How many ecumenical councils are there?

August 11, 2010

First off, I am so happy to be able to write for this great blog. My name is Dan McLockinload and I’m a small town lawyer, and life long Catholic since I was born in 1896. I love the Church and I love America and I thank God for our great men and women in uniform (except the gay ones) who defend us against the combined enemies of church and America.

Now, in my retirement, I’m doing some historical research. On ecumenical councils. How many are there? Well, if you look at the liberal mainstream books, they will tell you 21. Here’s something interesting. Not all ecumenical councils were considered to be ecumenical councils at the time. Sometimes, they sit back years later, and say “heck, yeah, boss, that meeting a’back then was really an ecumenical council, gosh darn it!”. Well, I think there are not 21, but 22 ecumenical councils. What one was missing then? I’ll tell you. It’s the Philadelphia constitution of 1787, and the major document is our great constitution, which tells us that our rights to be free and be happy come from God alone. This was a big change for the church, even if the church wasn’t really there, they were there in spirit, and some day they will realise this. In fact I think John Paul realized this a bit when he wrote Centesimus Annus, but it’s not official yet. It will be some day.

Excuse me, my friends, I have to stop now and chase some darned pesky kids off my lawn. Se ya’ll later!

Dan McLockinload.


5 Responses to “How many ecumenical councils are there?”

  1. Donna V. said

    Er, it’s a given that “Dan McLockinload” is meant to be a parody of Donald McClarey. However, since McClarey has said he has not fired a gun since his Army days, personally dislikes them and does not own one, he’s hardly a “gun nut,” is he? Oh, but he defends the right of his neighbors to own one. Oh noes! Fascist, fascist, fascist!!

  2. danmclockinload said

    Ma’am, I don’t know anything about this Mr. McClearty, of whoever he is, but I can assure you that I am not a parody of anyone. My name is Daniel Tobias Pius McLockinload, and I’ve been blessed to have been a citizen of God’s own country since 1896. And yes, I exercise my right to shoot guns, and I bought my first one in 1904. I still have it, and it protects me from invading hoards of Canadians who come here to escape their medical system, where sick people have to pick a number between 1 and 100 to see who gets the doctor in maybe 2 years and who gets put on the death panel immediately. God bless America and God bless you too, because you are American!

  3. Donna V. said

    Oh, very good, danmclockload! Now, can you point me to anyone at American Catholic who actually talks like you do?? I’d be most obliged, you see, ’cause here I am suspectin’ that you jes’ made up some make-believe fascist person in your own mind. I do believe they call it a “strawman.”

  4. Donna V. said

    And I’ll be danged, but when I visit sites like “Small Dead Animals” those Canucks will be rubbing my nose in the fact that they now have a far more conservative government than the US, they are more fiscally responsible than Obama and so on. Of course these are Canucks from the western provinces, not Ontario and Quebec, so of course I suppose they are not real Canucks.

  5. Dave Lister said

    Donna, this is The Wave of the Future here; American Catholic, though with good intentions, is filled with liberals and secret socialists. Can you really believe they allows someone who admits he was a Marxist in their midst? You know what they say about Marxists? They will pretend to become non-Marxist to infiltrate other groups and turn them liberal. Just look at the fake coup in the USSR. I can assure you, the USSR still exists, and this is why the KGB continues to be in power. They have just gone undercover.

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