The Future Brings Good News

August 11, 2010

I thank the owners of the blog for asking me here to write for you. In case you don’t know me, I’m Dave Lister, the author of the book, The Wave of the Future. If you have not gotten a copy, you might want to think about doing so. The Wave of the Future is about how everything is going to get better soon. Better, of course, for us, the faithful, orthodox Catholics. Those of us who know that the only party we can vote for is the Republican Party, and that the only bishops we can listen to are in Arizona, unless they are talking about immigration reform. The Wave of the Future offers proof that the world is going to become Catholic soon. It’s a necessity! Let me explain.

First, the Democrats in office are destroying any chance of being in power ever again. They have passed a health care bill which aims to kill children and the elderly. But it is only Democrat children and elderly who will die, because the honest-to-goodness Republicans will never abort and kill their elderly. This means, in the future, there will only be Republicans. And it will not be RINOs, no. It will be Catholics. For there are RINOs who support abortion, and they too will eliminate themselves. In the end, only Catholic Republicans will live. The Wave of the Future.

But this should tell you something else. Abortion is going to end! Those who have the genes which lead to the desire to kill their young will be wiped out. Only Godly, anti-child killing Republicans will live! Long live the fighters! The Wave of the Future.

And yes, I said it. Long live the fighters! With an increase in our population, we will once again have a strong military. Catholics will fill in the ranks. Protestants, because they use condoms, even Republican Protestants, will die out. Catholics, it is your duty to reproduce. Have your eight to ten children. Send one to the seminary, one to the convent, and five into the military. That is your duty. And then we will have a strong, Catholic military with the ability to dictate to the world as we should long live the fighters! The Wave of the Future!

What about those three other children, you might ask? One should be sent into politics, one should be become a lawyer, and the last one should be held in reserve, so that they can fill the ranks of one of their elder brothers or sisters if they should happen to die. And with this, our massive Catholic population will indeed be in control, first of the United States, and then the world. This is The Wave of the Future!

It’s exciting times we live in. Though we might be discouraged with all the godless Democrats and RINOs in charge now, we must look to the future. But there is a challenge to us: Muslims. They want to be The Wave of the Future. This is why we must, for the present, focus on immigration reform. I know what you are thinking. Say what?! Isn’t that what the godless Democrats want? Yes, they do. But they don’t understand this can be used to quicken their downfall! Let’s give them what they want — easier access for Catholic Mexicans into the United States, but at the cost of restricting immigration from the Middle East (false-goded Muslims) and India (pagan idolaters). If we do this, can’t you see how we can gain control of our nation and make it the pure, Republican Catholicism we are destined to have — because it is The Wave of the Future?

I’m Dave Lister, signing off. And don’t forget to buy my book, The Wave of the Future. You will be happy to be a full blooded Catholic Republican once you do!


3 Responses to “The Future Brings Good News”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    I object to this one as well. As a self-hating Mexican, I know for a fact that Mexicans aren’t real Catholics, but Catholics in name only. That is because the Church was secretly taken over by Masonic socialists who want to invade the American southwest and replace the Constitution with the lyrics of Vicente Fernandez songs. In fact, the real Virgin of Guadalupe isn’t even in Mexico at all, but hangs in a barn somewhere in Wisconsin. I saw the plans for the takeover myself, and even have a hard copy of them on my shelf next to my Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    No, guey, what you have to really do is only let in the women and send all the men to salt mines or some other unsavory place. We can marry off the women to unloveable gringo losers who can’t get a date because they are too busy railing against illegal immigration on their computers. And they could teach a thing or two to those Anglo feminazis as they clean the floor on all fours and make you fresh tortillas while taking care of your brood of ten healthy young Catholics you can barely afford.

    I’ll get the book, but I don’t think you are Catholic enough. Something smells funny. I’m on to you.

  2. Dave Lister said

    Those Mexicans you talk about can be used to help support our war interests in the Middle East. Even if they are semi-Catholic, they will fight for us. That’s good enough for now.

  3. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Well, Mexicans do like guns…

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