With the Wave of the Future, Pseudo-Catholics Are Being Exposed

August 12, 2010

They are afraid. Very very afraid. They know they are a dying breed. I’m sure many of them have read The Wave of the Future and know their time is short. Pseud0-Catholics following Marxist ideologies will be a thing of the past. Their pro-abortion ways will be the death of them.

Don’t let their use of Latin confuse you. Even Martin Luther used Latin! Don’t let their quotes of Fathers of the Church confuse you. Even Martin Luther quoted Augustine! You can tell Marxist Catholics whenever you see them gather together and ask for social justice. Social justice — code word for Marxism. But the class war they want to start will be finished by us. Long live the fighters! Truth will prevail. Even if they tell us they disagree with Protestants, just remember, better Lutheran than Liberationist. Luther, we all know, was wrong, but at least he didn’t preach the heresy of atheism! But don’t worry. The Wave of the Future is starting with us now.

Just remember, one way you can spot an evil Marxist: they have no sense of humor. They will prove themselves to be heirs of Calvin with their stark rigor and inability to laugh at themselves. They will take themselves way too seriously. This proves, as we all know Calvinism is the source of all things Marxist (it is better Lutheran than Calvinist for this very reason). It was the Dutch Calvinists, after all, who started the socialist takeover of corporations! Down with the Marxist Calvinists! Long live the fighters!


2 Responses to “With the Wave of the Future, Pseudo-Catholics Are Being Exposed”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    I have started to tear up the roads in front of my house with a jack hammer since they were made with stolen, fithy, socialist money. The government has no right to take my money for roads, schools, police, or anything else for that matter (except for guns when they are used against the godless heathen). I want to use MY MONEY to educate MY children, defend myself with MY GUN and slosh around in the mud with MY OWN donkey cart where the dirty filthy socialist road used to be. And if they don’t like it, they can eat lead.

    Long live the fighters indeed!

  2. realRCman said

    Ever notice how the House of Representatives is shaped like a sickle and half-moon? Congress has been invaded not just by Marxism but by a radical jihadist Islamic cult! The only real source of news is FOX NEWS, because George Soros has bought up every other channel including PBS!

    Latin is the language of God! We don’t need to understand it. The power of the Holy Ghost informs us about its meaning. The only reason why Lutherans and Calvinists are heretics is because they don’t fast on Sundays! I fast three days before going to Holy Communion! The midnight fast is for wimps.

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