My Hero Voris Calls for a Benevolent Catholic Dictatorship

August 13, 2010

As always, Michael Voris is right on the money.  He speaks THE TRUTH! Our democratic system will end in self-destruction because democracy is DOOMED to failure.  It stupidly gives the ignorant and the self-absorbed (like liberals) the “right” to vote, when in TRUE REALITY the only possible way we can sustain a voting system is to allow only virtuous Catholics to vote.  We Catholics should prevent from voting all those who don’t give a hoot about the common good or who ruthlessly demand “rights” to education, shelter, and medical care.  These ignoramuses look only to themselves, not to God  as we Catholics and only Catholics do.  Better yet, as Voris so wisely says, the way to go is a benevolent dictatorship.  A Catholic MONARCH who bestows upon people what they need, not what they want!!!  It’s really the only way to preserve the great country from the radical leftists and Muslims who want to pollute our land with their FALSE ideas and religion.  I only wish my other hero, Sarah Palin, would convert to Catholicism.  With her we’d have a wise, virtuous, God-fearing ruler.


8 Responses to “My Hero Voris Calls for a Benevolent Catholic Dictatorship”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Michael Voris is an agent provocateur. It plainly says in the Constitution that homos, women, Muslims, socialists, retards, children, puppy dogs, potted pants, and my refrigerator are not allowed to vote. Or if they try, we have the right to send them off to die in a war (except the homos). The Constitution is sacred, and commands us to only do virtuous things, like kill brown people and make money.

    Make no mistake: Voris is trying to give us a bad name. He is trying to make us Catholics look unAmerican. The Constitution only preaches virtue, for it says in the 42nd Amendment that the gates of Hell, Islam, Barack Hussein Obama, Communism, Socialism, and Socialized Medicine will not prevail against her.

  2. Thank God for Michael Voris!! A true Saint among us!!

  3. Dave Lister said

    Well, I will have to beg to differ. We are America! America is a Republic! We must remember it is the Republic which will rule!

  4. Frank Brigada said

    Michael Vobis’ expose highlights the true lies of American democracy: NOW partisans, the gays, the Sierra Club, and the “Volvo Republicans”. This troika is determined to kill our babies, destroy the father-son rugged bonding experience, prevent our ability to drill anywhere within our sovereign American boundaries, and deter an average American male from a F-Series pickup into a girly “latte” car. Democracy wants to sacrifice your first-born child to the altar of Molech, turn your sports bar into a leather club, force our proud nation to kowtow to the Kyoto Protocol, and send our money to a country that pioneered the abomination of sex changes! Enough!

    My grandfather lived under the reign of Francisco Franco. That was the epitome of the Catholic state — Opus Dei (praise the Work!), secret police, deportations, political assassinations, militarized youth, and even crappier Fiat knockoffs. Mike Vobis is right — make all voters recite the Oath of Allegiance before voting, and if they don’t — take them to the “voter education center”. Long live the Catholic clerical state!

  5. steve dalton said

    Voris will catch hell for his video, but lets help him throw it right back at’em. Go, Mike, Go!

  6. GodsGadfly said

    Shows, Mr. Pseudo-Satirist, that you are totally clueless about history, political philosophy and Catholic teaching.

    How many politicians have been canonized, besides Thomas More?

  7. Dave Lister said

    Who is this pseudo-satirist? I don’t see one here.

  8. Jammy Bacon said

    I second Zaragosa. Voris is not a real Catholic, but a puppet who is supposed to make you think he is a real Catholic, all the while with the intent of making real Catholics look stupid. I suspect, in fact, that from the sound of his introdcutory sound track Voris is bankrolled by the porn industry. real catholics recognize that the problem is not with republicanism but with progressivism and woodrow wilson. if progressiveism was true then voris is right; but thankfully from gleen beeck we know that progressivism is a distoriion of the “good” englightment–not the bad, frnech kind–of the founders; voris needs to read the federealist papers and stop selling out to harry flynt.

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