Now I’ve Seen Everything

August 13, 2010

We’re kind of puzzled about the praise that Obama-loving liberal dissident Michael Sean Winters is heaping on The Catholic Fascist on his new blog at the National Catholic Reporter Distorter. We’ve already consistently shown that Winters and NCD’s brand of Catholicism is anything but orthodox and that we are the furthest thing from them. Perhaps Winters, like most liberals, has no clue what the word “fascist” means. Speaking of what words mean, I’m not sure what he means by calling us a “parody” of The American Catholic. Perhaps he meant to type “padawan“?

In any case, maybe Winters is not such a bad guy. He at least knows anti-semitism when he sees it and seems to embrace a “Defend-Israel-At-All-Costs” view, as we do. Thanks, Winters. There may be hope for you yet. We’ll keep you in our prayers.


3 Responses to “Now I’ve Seen Everything”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    We all know that stupid commie socialists “educated” in their public school don’t know how to read. Look how they “read” our Holy and Sacred Constitution. We should get all militant on their faces too!

  2. Americus Sempiternus said

    Winters is also sound in remembering the suffering of the Bosnian Muslims. Thanks to American intervention and peacekeeping, those backwards genocidal Serbs were driven from their homes and saw their (really fascist) churches burned to the ground.

    We taught them a valuable lesson about tolerance, pluralism, and religious freedom, because Orthodoxy doesn’t have the benefit of Puritan influence that U.S. Catholicism does. Those Serbs won’t be ethnically cleansing anyone on our watch!

  3. joepantsonfire said

    National Catholic Reporter is itself a parody of the orthodox National Catholic Register. It can’t possibly be serious. I don’t believe for a second that Joan Chissiter is real – great parody of a hippy dippy dissenting 1960s liberal nun. Winters has been conned for years. The again, he’s also been conned by the disgusting satanic obamasiah who sacrifices to moloch twice a day and three times on weekends.

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