The Fighters Will Not Be Silenced

August 13, 2010

Yes, we are The Wave of the Future. But many people want to be stuck in the 1960s past. For example, there is this radical left-wing anti-Catholic site called Vox Nova. They hate the Church of Christ, as can be seen by their misrepresentation of its teachings. Now I tried to comment upon President Bush and the Kenyan — only to find it has not been approved. The post claims the Kenyan is following President Bush’s policies:

Devil’s Minion: And today, the military commission judge refused to throw out “evidence” received under this torture. This is the standard of a banana republic. I expected this from Bush-Cheney, but shame on Obama.

Fear not, faithful reader — I expected he would silence me. Those who denounce the Holy Constitution do not like free speech! I saved what I wrote for this occasion!  Here is what I told them — the truth and nothing but the truth, thanks be to God!

No, no and no! Bush was a secret Jesuit warrior helping to bring war into the Middle East. He pretended to be cool about Islam so that he could sucker punch them. Hussein is a Muslim and he is trying to bring the Muslims into America to bring Sharia law here. We will not allow it. No, the true Catholics will call in to the Jesuits (the real ones) and make sure the Muslims know Sharia Law is not welcome. This culture war will be victorious for us — once we kick out the Kenyan!

There you have it. The Kenyan must not be trusted. Trust Bush. Don’t let them try to tell you the Kenyan is just like Bush. No. They are as different as black and white! Long live the Jesuit fighters who will usher in The Wave of the Future!


8 Responses to “The Fighters Will Not Be Silenced”

  1. Speaking of Jesuit fighters, Dave, Donald McClarney at The American Catholic has a great series on what true Jesuits are. Here is one of his latest posts, denouncing Jesuit approval of gay and lesbian homosexualisticality:

    As Donald reminds us over and over again, the Jesuits like all priests are examples of true manhood, especially the ones with guns.

  2. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    The Vox Nova people are dumb. They are a bunch of socialists, so they are, by definition, dumb. We need to be militant all over their face. I’ll start with Henry Karlson, because he is the most dumb. Then our friends at the American Catholic won’t have to about them anymore. We can be their “black shirts” for them and do their dirty work.

  3. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Sorry, I meant “won’t have to worry about them anymore”. Those dumbs socialists probably sabotaged my keyboard because I am a defender of the Truth.

  4. Pelayo,

    I anticipate that this blog truly will be a target for sabotage, as has been the case with the “Catholic Anarchist’s” attempts to derail The American Catholic. We are preparing for such things behind the scenes, take heart.

  5. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Let me know if you need me to bring my Mac 10.

  6. joepantsonfire said

    Minion is a lying scumbag. And he’s probably gay, he writes with fancy gay words.

  7. Connie Murphy de la Creme said

    kenya is a british empire country, that’s where barak HUSANE INSANE obama was born, he is a tool of the british zionists but not the ones who declared ISRAEL IS INDEPENDENT when the Muslims tried to kill jesus!….our founding fathers fought against the british zionists in World war two and its in the decklaration of independence that USA! is a Christian country against the british and the zionists…we our now under their rule again and obama is their leader…we need to fight for israel against the tyranny of the british zionists and the muslim socialist obama is there leader…

  8. Connie Murphy de la Creme said

    …and i just want to make it clear that barak HUSANE INSANE obama is a british zionist and a muslim socialist and a freemason and a protestant…because hes an illuminati and their behind all the zionists and muslims and socialists and freemasons and protestants…

    …SUPPORT THE TROOPS!…their protecting us against the british like obama, and I AM IRISH because my grandmother’s grandparents came from Ireland, and I’ve convinced myself that my American-born grandparents told me horrible stories about what the british did to their grandparents in Ireland, even though they never met a single English person in their lives…

    …and obama’s name is an Irish name, “O’Bama!” His great-great-grandparents were Irishmen who collaborarated with the English, in the British Empire! No good Catholic (all of whom are enjoined to be loyal to the Irish Republic) can countenance the traitor O’Bama with anything other than rage at how he and his people were and are British Imperialist-Zionist oppressors of all Irish-American-Catholics!

    I’m so outraged about this, that I’ve forgotten how to write in bad grammar and bad punctuation! THAT is how infuriated I am by the British Imperialist “President” O’Bama!

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