Women’s Corner

August 13, 2010

Despite what you hear from the FEMINIST INFILTRATION in the Church, women do have a place in the Church. They have THEIR place in the Church. Likewise, although there are few regular women contributors here at THE CATHOLIC FASCIST, we do recognize the role women have in the Catholic Blogosphere and the contributions they might make there. So, progressives that we are, we would like to offer traditional, conservative, women Catholics (beyond our lone female regular contributor) the chance to say something here from time to time. We propose to begin a feature called “WOMEN’S CORNER” in which a woman or a group of women have the opportunity to share with us from their place, the “women’s place” in the Church. We are not sure what form this will take and how often it will occur, perhaps once a month or once every few years. Interested women should send an email to us at thecatholicfascist at gmail.com describing what they hope to contribute to the blog, why they like the blog, why they like the men who write for the blog, how they will promote the traditional Gospel to the men of the blogosphere and to the world, and a once sentence summary of how they understand their place in the Church.


14 Responses to “Women’s Corner”

  1. Lady Macbeth said

    I know I haven’t been a regular contributor to the blog yet, but I do appear on the contributors’ page, and I’ve been taking my prunes every morning in hopes of becoming as regular on this blog as all our manly men contributors.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go leave Sarah Palin a note on Facebook. She’s my girl!

  2. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    You should add that women who e-mail you should get their husband’s or father’s permission beforehand. Wouldn’t want to go against Christian modesty, or encourage strife in the home by distracting a good wife or daughter from scrubbing the floor, making dinner, bathing her thirteen children, applying for her EBT card, trying to come up with a Catholic version of “19 Kids and Counting”, washing the big white van that can hold her thirteen children, or getting her man his beer. The man is, after all, the glory of the woman.

  3. Lady – Do excuse me. I was not completely sure if you were really a female.

    It is fine, of course, that you are a person of the fairer sex, and we do not plan to regulate the frequency of your posts. The Women’s Corner policies will apply to all other interested women contributors.

    Thank you for clarifying your gender for us. Honesty is a true mark of manhood.

  4. Pelayo, I assumed that most well-placed Catholic women would ask permission first.

  5. realRCman said

    My wife is a real woman!

    When I come home, my woman has my meat and potatoes on the table every day! After a hard day I not changing diapers or doing the laundry! That’s my woman’s work. My woman puts the meals on the table, does the chores, and gets me some lovin’! 12 kids and one more on the way! God’s sure blessed us.

    Don’t marry some woman with a high-falutin’ degree and a bigger paycheck than yours. Real men don’t pick up the kids from soccer practice with some sissy minivan.

  6. Americus Sempiternus said

    This blog is moving away from its American-loving roots. The logo for this section should be the famous “We Can Do It!” poster from World War II, because that was such a good war.

    That poster teaches the “good kind” of feminism. Women are much needed in a democratic capitalist workforce, especially in a time of war. Or when the economy needs their unique “feminine genius,” as John Paul II would say.

    Back during WWII, women realized that some “traditional gender roles” are just a lifestyle choice, especially in a time of war. It didn’t take a propaganda campaign to convince them of that!

    (Not that I’m judging for or against traditional roles. Choosing them should be a personal choice though, because unlike abortion some individual choices don’t have major effects.)

    Let’s not forget that U.S. servicepeople are spreading women’s rights in the Muslim world. So many mothers of one-year-olds have signed up to serve their country, and some have even died for their country. We should honor their sacrifice for true progress and for the right to vote and not wear a veil or a burkha, (which btw violates the Theology of the Body).

    So in conclusion, I conclude that Rosie the Riveter deserves a place of honor on this blog. She is the epitome of the New Feminism, not the bad feminism preached by those harridans at the National Organization for (some) Women

  7. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Your wrong, Americus Sempiternus. The only reason women should be given a gun is to defend the homestead against Indians, Mexicans, IRS taxmen, and CNN reporters. Giving a woman a gun would make her get uppity and not want to cook. And if in war time she must go to work making the bombs we drop on the commies, it shouldn’t go to her head, and she should heroically still find time to wash the clothes and get me my beer (after my leg has been blown off in combat against the heathen socialists).

    I think you have been brainwashed, but there is still hope for you. You should come to our monthly meetings and shooting practice every first Saturday. BYOBBAC (Bring Your Own Beer, Bullets, And Catechism). (The Baltimore or Tridentine one, not the modernist one written by red “Cardinal” Schonborn.)

  8. Lady Macbeth, I have corrected the post.

  9. Americus Sempiternus said

    Pelayo Zaragosa, you obviously do not know American frontier women like Sarah Palin. Her feminine genius is shown at the shooting range and on the moose hunt!

    Besides an inferior form of cultural Catholicism, I detect latent socialism in your attitude towards women.

    It was that socialist Eleanor Roosevelt, who was as virtuous as she was pretty, who said “the first ten years of a girl’s marriage, broadly speaking, should be devoted to the home.”

    How can a woman have a good career with social attitudes like that?

    When women’s creative power is unleashed by the power of the free market, they can hire other women to take care of their children.

    People don’t realize that the Republican Party has been a great force for the equality of women in the workplace.

    The Republicans opposed antiquated laws and business practices which unfairly favored husbands and fathers. They also took on those all-male bastions called labor unions. But somehow the GOP gets billed as anti-feminist. They are even more pro-working woman than the Democrats, since the GOP pushed for welfare reform that got lazy single mothers back into the workforce, where they belong.

    The Republicans, like all good Americans, just favor the GOOD EQUALITY, not the BAD EQUALITY.

  10. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Maybe we should take it a step further. There is no reason why a woman can’t go out to work with her children. What reason do we have forbidding an eight year old his God-given right to sell Chicklets in the street? Heck, the illegal immigrant child is taking that job. And if they go to work, it would get rid of the commie public school system that steals hard earned dollars from tax payers. And if a child is working, he’s not getting into trouble, which takes care of the whole childcare dilemma.

    The socialist Obama commie government has no right to say that I can’t send my wife and small children out on the street to work. How else am I going to feed my thirteen children that the Pope wants me to have?

  11. realRCman said

    Americus wrote,

    We should honor their sacrifice for true progress and for the right to vote and not wear a veil or a burkha, (which btw violates the Theology of the Body).

    Wouldn’t a burkha be a good thing? Forcing Asking our women to wear the burkha would reinforce the male headship over the family.

  12. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    “Asking our women to wear the burkha would reinforce the male headship over the family.”

    She better not let herself go under that sheet! And she better still be a made up and in heels when she is getting me my beer after a hard day’s work. AND she still better be a size four after those thirteen kids!

  13. Americus Sempiternus said

    “Wouldn’t a burkha be a good thing? Forcing Asking our women to wear the burkha would reinforce the male headship over the family.”

    Male headship is only a symbolic concept. If it meant anything concrete, it would be unAmerican and in violation of GOOD EQUALITY. It would undermine equal rights for women in the workplace, rights which all good Republicans support.

    Male headship shouldn’t be confused with the SOCIALIST concept arising from the New Deal.

    It’s a good thing we had WWII and Vatican II to turn Catholics into good Americans free from “Old Europe” customs, to use the phrase of the great Donald Rumsfeld. Otherwise we’d still have women wearing veils in church. We’d look like those moon god-worshiping Muslims!

  14. TheraP said

    Thank you for the chance to say:


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