“Like” The Catholic Fascist on Facebook!

August 15, 2010

You may now “like” The Catholic Fascist on Facebook, if you use that particular site. It is much more wholesome than the porn-infested MySpace website. Click here while logged in to “like” us.

UPDATE: You can also “like” Chick-fil-A on Facebook. I did not know that. Helpful to know. I encourage you to support this Christian business that is changing the face of Fast Food from the inside out.


4 Responses to ““Like” The Catholic Fascist on Facebook!”

  1. superRCman said

    Facebook is corrupting our young men! Those evil sodomite pervs like Elton John and David Hyde Pierce are out to indoctrinate our children with them “fan pages”. Not only can a boy make friends with heretics on Facebook (you know, that Presbyterian family ‘cross the tracks), he can learn about the Democratic Club and Future Businesswomen of America (bunch of dykes) at the high school! Notice I don’t talk about my girls — they’re too busy carding and spinning wool to know anything about them computers.

  2. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    The Presbyterian family across the tracks are fine as long as they support the God’s own Republican Party and want the streets of Tehran to flow with the blood of the jihadist Muzzies. Just the other day, a good Prot evangelical saved my place in the bathroom line at the local Tea Party rally, and we talked about how much we hate “Barack Obama” (Barry Soetoro). Some of the best anti-commies I know are Protestants, but I suspect they are all secretly Catholic, like our Holy Founding Fathers. If anything, it’s those commie bastards like Mahoney and his Mexican lackey Archbishop Gomez who scare God-fearing patriot Protestants away from the Church. There will be a special place in Hell for those people, as well as a special place on the business end of my bayonet.

  3. danmclockinload said

    I dont know what this book of faces thing is. In my day, books of faces for the law to keep tracks of undesirables, such as commies, traitors, filthy hippies and effeminate europeans. I think Catholics can learn from this. Pastors should screen people coming to communion and give the clerical boot in the bottom to liberal dissidents like nancy pelosi and the idiots on vox nova. Now that’s a face book I can get behind!

  4. Ha! Vox Nova! Are they even Catholic??

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