Religious Freedom is Conditional

August 17, 2010

If you are not loyal to the United States, you do not have the right for us to respect that disloyalty because you call it a “religion”. As Eric Cantor, a very smart Republican leader, said ‘”come on”! To make matters worse, these Muslims are terrorists who hate us for our freedom. OK, Johnny Jihad, when you respect freedom and love America, maybe we’ll let you build a mosque or two (but only if it is well hidden). Until then, get on your camel and don’t come back.

I know some liberals are saying I am a hypocrite because I am Catholic and Catholics used to be discriminated against. These liberals are all pro-abort hedonists. But I will answer this point. When Catholics were not loyal to the United States, as in the old days, they had no right to religious freedom. Sorry, folks, but the truth hurts. But now we are loyal citizens, in love with flag and country, we have religious freedom. Thats what’s great about this country. God bless America!


One Response to “Religious Freedom is Conditional”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Catholics have learned that the Constitution is the Fifth Gospel, and Catholicism was never complete without it. Just look what we had before: a bunch of European homo bishops running the Church and having people kiss their rings. It took the manly Constitution and the freedoms that it has given us to give us the full force of real Christianity.

    Maybe the Muzzies can add the Constitution as an additional sura to the Koran (the real Constitution, not the one that homo judges hide under their silk slip when finding for queer marriage). But then they would just be REAL CATHOLICS and not the bearded terrorists they really are. That’s the solution.

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