The Orthodox: Heretics Who Will Learn To Be a Part of the Wave Of The Future

August 17, 2010

The Orthodox.

You know you have heard of them. Some people even think they represent original Christianity. How can that be when they reject the filioque?

No. The Orthodox are heretics. They are closer to the truth, I will grant you that. And it is because of this closeness to the truth they are a danger. People will be confused by them. People will become Orthodox. But it is all because they reject Rome and think the Orthodox represent the ultimate anti-Roman tradition.

Yet there is hope. The Orthodox have a place in the Wave of the Future. Orthodox are coming close to bowing before the Pope, just as Pope Eugene IV wanted them to do. That’s right, the Orthodox know they should be bowing to the Pope. However, during their rebellion, they once said they would rather bow to the Turk than to the Pope. They got their wish, and look what happened? The Orthodox know this was a mistake. God has made them pay for the sins of their past.

Once they submit to humility, and admit they were wrong about the filioque, they will be our strongest warriors against Islam. They will show us what we do not know, the harsh truth about Islam. Look to the Serbs. They will be our chief warriors for our new war for the salvation of the world. The Serbs, once they admit their sins, will produce great saints. I know this, because I know what will happen, as I proved with The Wave of the Future.

Go to the Serbs. Help them. Arm them. Encourage them. They will finally see Rome is with them, and they will finally submit to Rome. They will bow low but then be raised up high!


6 Responses to “The Orthodox: Heretics Who Will Learn To Be a Part of the Wave Of The Future”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    The Orthodox are pansies. Just look at the “White Russians”. Couldn’t defeat the Bolshies so Ronald Reagan the Great and John Paul the Magnificent had to come in an kick their commie asses for them! Draw a line in Europe, and you will see that all of the Catholics rejected those commies, while the Orthodox all welcomed them into their churches, even putting them in icons:

    Yeah, those bearded hippie Slavic priests really like Uncle Joe alright. And God knows that Latin is the only divine language. If it ain’t the 1962 missal, I ain’t buyin’ it.

  2. Dave Lister said

    Well, God punished the White Russians for their persecution of Catholics. They were not pansies, just suffering divine retribution. Study up on Fatima!

  3. Frank Brigada said

    The main problem with the Orthodox is their weird worship style. First off, they call it the “Divine Liturgy”. Why don’t they just call it the Mass like everyone else?

    The worst part is, they STAND for Holy Communion! This is a Novus Ordo innovation! This is pure disrespect before our Lord! Is an altar rail not good enough for them? The iconostas is an innovation that prevents the Orthodox from assuming the correct posture for the reception of the Blessed Sacrament! Never mind the fact that the priest gives Holy Communion to infants! Has the baby gone to Confession at least 15 minutes before receiving Communion? Our church always has a priest in back that hears confessions during Mass. None of this “go to confession during Vespers the night before” easy way out.

  4. Jammy Bacon said

    The “Orthodox” should really be called the UNorthodox because there denial of the fileoque has serious rpercussions. also many of them have ties to iraq and syrai

  5. Dave Lister said

    Don’t worry, Jammy.

    In the Wave of the Future, the revival of the Inquisition begins in Iraq, thanks in part to the new Grand Inquisitor, a converted Karl Rove.

  6. danmclockinload said

    The orthodox are a bunch of effiminate weeny Europeans. You only see beards like that in gay bars. Christianity is a muscular religion. While the true faith kept out the infidel at the gates of Vienna and on the Spanish plains, these treacherous Byzantine enunchs were plotting with the Muslims. Gay plots I bet. If they had put more energy into fighting than orgies, they never would have lost Constantinople.

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