Only Pure Catholics, Please

August 18, 2010

I don’t get it. What exactly is a “Western Confucian?” You know Confucian was educated by Satan to spread confusion, right? There you have it. While not as bad as, say, a Muslim at a pork fest, a Western Confucian is just a communist spy from all I can tell. China is communist, and confusion is the main desire of communists in the West. Western confusion, indeed.

In The Wave of the Future, we will not let confusion reign, in the West nor in the East. But let’s send them back to the East for the time being. We don’t need them causing problems as we fight for our right for freedom.


4 Responses to “Only Pure Catholics, Please”

  1. danmclockinload said

    There is a direct line from Confucius to Mao. What China needs is conservative values, not Confucianism.

  2. danmclockinload said

    And China would be Catholic today if it wasn’t for those heterodox Jesuits with their funny Chinese liturgical dancing,

  3. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Our liturgy is not traditional enough! We have been lied to:

    I think I need to go flog myself.

  4. That “Western Confusion” clown is obviously a Chi-Com Symp.

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