Hell yeah!

August 20, 2010

I’m not normally one for hymns at Mass, but for this I’ll definitely make an exception.




5 Responses to “Hell yeah!”

  1. We sang this this morning at St. Barbara’s. Tears all around.

  2. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    I am not sure about this video. I mean, hell yeah, I don’t want no mosque on this sacred ground, but don’t you think the video isn’t that well made, and the song isn’t catchy enough (though it is stuck in my head)? Neither was there mention of our brave troops who have laid down their lives to seek revenge for these attacks. Nor pictures of those terrorists showing them for what they really are, or such photos as these to get the Muzzies riled up:

    We’re past “religious freedom” now (the Constitution doesn’t guarantee freedom for dangerous cults), and we can’t stop until Tehran is a hole in the ground and the Kaaba a pile of ash. It’s either us or them, an America of the fighters or sharia. No use in sweet-talkin’ about this stuff now.

  3. Frank Brigada said

    Remember, nothing should be sung at Mass besides chant! Low Mass should be silent!

    That said, the video and song are monumental pieces of schlock.

  4. T. Chappaquiddick said

    They can build one by the quaint, little bridge on Chappaquiddick. I’ll donate the land. Lawyers are real cheap down here – supply and demand, you know.

    Muhammed (cleft from chin to crotch – dog juice – never sired a son) keeps me awake screeching over in Bolgia IX – Sowers of Discord.

    “Who could describe, even in words set free
    of metre and rhyme and a thousand times retold,
    the blood and wounds that now were shown to me!

    “At grief so deep the tongue must wag in vain;
    the language of our sense and memory
    lacks the vocabulary of such pain.”

  5. Sara said

    It wouldn’t be prudent…

    JUST LOVE the video!!

    Just happended on your blog and LOVE it!!

    Sara ( a full time professional engineer, tattoo wearing biker babe, as well as full time Catholic 🙂 JPII ROCKS!!

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