Those Who Will Not Follow the Wave of the Future Will Go To Hell!

August 23, 2010

Michael Voris reminds us; all mortal sin deserves hell. What he forgets to tell us is that rebellion is a mortal sin. Those who betray America from within deserve hell! That’s right, God hates sin, and so hates those who hate America!



10 Responses to “Those Who Will Not Follow the Wave of the Future Will Go To Hell!”

  1. WJ said

    I have two questions, Dave. First, what is that sword doing up on stage with Voris? Second, is it true that God’s being “all merciful” and “all just” means that he is “all merciful” only until you die, and then he is “all just.” So that he is not just when you are living (just merciful) and not merciful when you are dead (just just), as Voris implies? That doesn’t seem right to me, but then I don’t have a S.T.B.

  2. brettsalkeld said

    “There is no hope in hell . . . it is a continual night of rage despair, hate.”

    Sounds like the Vortex.

    “When you stand in front of the just judge, mercy has come to an end”?!?!

    WHAT!?!?! This dude has a totally secular understanding of the relationship between mercy and justice. Someone needs to be catechized. Talk about a distortion! This is practically heretical!

    Frankly, the secular world’s misconstrual of God looks a lot more like Voris’ caricature than it looks like a rainbow.

  3. Dave Lister said

    God is all just and merciful. You deserve hell. If you deserve hell, you even deserve to die. That you are not dead is God’s mercy. And when you do die, it is God’s mercy, because he is stopping you from doing more and worse sins. If he didn’t have you die when he did, either you would earn hell, or your time in hell would even be worse!

  4. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    I keep remembrance of Hell on my mind constantly. I mean, who wants to be stuck for all eternity with those fithy homos, Democrats, commies, feminazis, Gaia-worshiping ecologists, the publishers of Commonweal, and liberal Protestants who don’t believe anything? This type of stuff should encourage us to fight big government, get up extra-early to go to a Tea Party rally, and vote against the enemies of our Sacred Constitution. Oh yeah, and give Michael Voris five bucks.

  5. brettsalkeld said

    What I wouldn’t give to talk to the formation director that kicked this guy out of seminary!

  6. Hugh G Member said


    Amen to that! Voris obviously has a calling to become a priest and probably a bishop. This is the kind of preaching we need from our Holy Catholic pulpits every Sunday, rather than all that homo-friendly hypocritical Social Justice stuff. Just imagine how much more spiritual our Church would be!


    Don’t forget all the abortionist souls in hell, looking to “help” souls out of hell by trying to abort them, over and over for eternity! Thinking about that and all the blood dripping from the abortionist hands into the boiling sea of sulfur helps me calm myself and return to worship of our One True Catholic God every time I am troubled by impure thoughts.

    Sometimes my thoughts are so impure I have to go deeper and think about Obama-voter souls killed by the death panels before they have a chance to go to confession. They plummet into the pit like fat drops of rain in a thunderstorm, their wilted bodies splashing up liquid sulfur all about,…

  7. Frank Brigada said

    I applaud Michael Voris’s emphasis on the realities of human salvation. So many priests today preach homilies filled with Dr. Phil buzzwords. They neglect the meat of Catholicism: the call to obey authority the moral authority of the Church absolutely, even if emotions are crushed and the person is reduced to excruciating pain while following the moral precepts of the Church. Our pain, crosses, and mortification are a sweet fragrance unto God!

    habemus sacerdotem! habemus antistitem! His name is Michael Voris!

  8. realRCman said

    Right on Mike! You are a strapping Catholic man that preaches the real fire and brimstone faith! We need men like you to become priests, preach the difficult road to salvation, and say six low Masses every Sunday for our packed mission church! None of those wussy effeminate priests that prance around with broken wrists and soft sermons! No! We crave the hard, rugged, and independent road that leads to everlasting life!

    The turtleneck is a bit effeminate though. Maybe you should go camo. Soldiers for spiritual warfare!

  9. In lieu of a homily, we watch Vortex videos at St Barbara’s early rainbowless “real thing” liturgy. Thank God we have Mike to set the USCCB straight. And I mean STRAIGHT.

  10. steve dalton said

    Voris is da man! He’s not afraid to kick rear and to step, no I mean stomp on toes! And anyone that Mark Shea thinks is dodgy has to be good! That’s why I subscribed to Real Catholic TV this Saturday! Viva Voris! Poop on Shea!

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