There Will Be No New Voices In The Future

August 24, 2010

The truth is one and universal; it is eternal and timeless. There can be no new voices. That is why I am glad that our friends at The American Catholic have provided us a link to this video about that evil blog, Vox Nova. We all know new voices are always the voices of heretics! But what is worse, they want to silence every other voice! Watch the video here.

H/T to Donald McClarey.

The Wave of the Future will not see Vox Nova continue. They will be as outdated as chainmail as our guns of truth take site on their anti-American ways!


8 Responses to “There Will Be No New Voices In The Future”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Those people at Vox No-BRAINS need to be taught a lesson in real, manly Catholicism. I say we stick ’em on an island and run ’em through some good ol’ fashioned American basic training. Make ’em sleep in tents, learn the Baltimore Catechism by rote, and do push-ups in the rain ’til they puke. Just make sure they don’t play grab-ass with each other, because I know that’s what those sissy liberal “Catholics” like to do.

    Maybe a couple of tours in Afghanistan beside our brave troops would do ’em some good too.

  2. No true conservative would consider chainmail or anything medieval as outdated.

    Someday, you’ll get the hang of this parody thing.

  3. Dave Lister said

    Parody? There is no parody. With the advent of the crossbow (let alone a gun), chainmail went the way of the dodo. And I will stick by my guns, not outdated armor which no one wears — not sure about you.

  4. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    I think Denton is a commie pansy who doesn’t really believe in the Second Amendment to the sacred Constitution that our boys have shed their holy blood defending. Chainmail? What are you, some sort of European queer socialist who thinks that we shouldn’t be packing what the Mexican drug lords and other enemies of the US have? Maybe in Europe people are only allowed to have ball and chains, numchucks, and swords by their pansy socialist nanny states, but here in America we have muskets, rifles, and anti-aircraft artillery. That’s what I used to shoot at quail.

    If the filthy commie government wants my AK-47, it can pry it out of my cold dead patriot hands.

  5. Pelayo:

    Obviously you are an Islamo-fascist. The Crusaders in their holy war against the jihadists wore chainmail and thus chainmail is a part of that noble quest, a quest obviously continued by God’s chosen people in America. Although God has given us the Second Amendment and firearms in to order to accomplish His victory over the Islamo-fascists, chainmail is a part of that heritage just like the musket guns our Forefathers used against the British. To hate chainmail is to betray your disloyalty to the USA an the Crusade against Islamo-fascism.

    Jeesh, I think I should be a writer for this site.

  6. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    No American soldier has ever worn no chain mail.

    America took Catholicism and made it better. Joe Hargrave told me so.

  7. danmclockinload said

    Huh huh, that sure got them, didn’t it? This is the funniest thing I’ve seen since Buster Keaton live! And why am I not surprised that Vox Nova would be asking women to join them? Whatever next! There is only one thing wrong. The real Vox Knuckle Brains would not sound like true Americans. They would have effiminate foreign accents.

  8. brettsalkeld said

    I know that I am glad to blog in such a supportive environment, though I am occasionally mocked for being “conservative.”

    I also never tire of David Nickol agreeing with me about abortion, birth control, pornography and homosexual acts. His raucous “amens” help me sleep at night.

    I wish I knew who Paul Krugman was.
    (I suppose I could look it up on Google, but then I would not have an honest punch line to finish this comment.)

    Also, the line about the comments being “correct” rather than “boring” was actually pretty good.

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