Health care reform is pro death

August 25, 2010

I truly believe that no Catholic could ever support that Obamacare obamanation. I blame the USCCB for not pointing this out. I know they said they could not support it when it built new abortion factories, but they also said they would support if it didn’t. By doing this they are betraying the principle of subsidiarity which says that nobody is owed anything by the government, and if you want to eat, you need to work, and if you want to go to the doctor, you pay for it. Subsidiarity says it has to be at the lowest level, and that nearly always means the individual. I don’t want to get all technical on y’all who never studied no theology, but there are some exceptions to that. For a woman, it means her father or husband makes the decision. Sometimes, as in mental retardation, somebody else needs to make the decision for you, as long as that person is not a liberal who wants to kill you. But most of the time, subsidiarity is all about individual responsibility. That’s why America is the only true Catholic nation on the planet.

Look what happens to the health care system when people don’t respect this. Look at Canada. They have a terrible system. You are not allowed to pay for your own health care. If you take out your wallet in a doctor’s office, he has to call the police. That’s the law. So what happens if you are sick? A government bureaucrat has to make a decision. You fill out a form with your symptoms and you hand it into a government welfare office. You will probably wait 8 hours to hand it in, that’s what Canadians tell me. Of course, it will probably take 3 months or more before that bureaucrat gets to the file, as he only works 4 hour days and takes every other day off, because he can’t be fired and lives like a king on taxpayer money. And when he gets your file, if you are lucky, he will put you on a waiting list and assign you a doctor. The waiting lists average about 2 years, but you might be able to get that shortened if you are willing to see a doctor in a different Canadian province. If the bureaucrat thinks that you are too old, or treating you would cost too much, he can put you on the death panel, and you have no right to appeal. Remember this when you read statistics. Canada counts people on death panels as people getting health care so you might think more Canadians get treatment than Americans. But this is death panels, yes sirree Bob. My guess is that one out of every 3 Canadians is death paneled.

What can Canadians do? They come to the land of the free and home of the brave, for the best health care system in the world. About 3 million Canadians cross the border every day for health care. That’s an educated guess based on the number of times I hear stories like this on Fox News, or read them in my small town paper. And the Obamassiah wants Americans to have the Canadian system of government controlled health care. And our bishops actually support this. Repeal this evil law now. If you support it, your soul is in danger. And yes, bishops, you’re in trouble too. Obviously you spend too much time in Rome hobnobbing with these filthy euro commies. Well, we’re Americans and we’re God’s people, and we’re not having it any more. Give me liberty or give me death, as long as it’s not a death panel.


4 Responses to “Health care reform is pro death”

  1. frank brigada said

    I went to Canada to complete my PhD in Taxidermy. While I was there I heard horror stories that you wouldn’t believe. A woman up in Nunavut got her arm chewed off by a bear. The rescue team decided to amputate on the spot rather than do field nanosurgery to save the arm! Another time, a woman needed a twelve artery bypass. She died of a massive coronary in the hospital rather than being put on the heart/lung and feeding tube at the same time! The Canadians are bloodthirsty slaves of Moloch that will stop at nothing from destroying fragile human life!

    When I go to the hospital in my last days, I demand that every last ounce of emergency medicine keeps my body alive long after my brain turns to the consistency of a plastic sponge! No death panels here in the land of subsidiary politics and the home of limited government! I could care less if my kids are saddled with $2 million in medical expensee! I have lived life to the natural Catholic end!

  2. Len said

    As a Canadian and a Catholic I have to say you have an odd view of the Canadian healthcare system. There are no forms, there are no police, there are no bureaucrats. There is a patient and a doctor. There is much wrong with it and I detest them funding any kind of tampering with life (IVF for example), and I detest the abomination that is the murder of innocents and known to much of the western world as “pro choice”. But to characterize the system as shown here is simply not true.

  3. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    The only thing government should spend its money on is bombs to drop on those with an anti-America, anti-life agenda.

  4. Len – You are a Canadian so you are BRAINWARSHED to think that way. We are AMERICANS and free of that kind of stuff. We know better than YOU about your health care system. Don’t you watch FOX?

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