Enough is Enough!!: Their Violence is BAD, Our Violence is GOOD

August 27, 2010

Joe Hartgrooves deserves centuries off of his stay in purgatory for his completely spot on account of THE CRUSADES and why we were right to fight them and why Moslims are always wrong and always have been wrong and violent and murderers. Like Joe, I am sick and tired of people saying that Christians cannot condemn The Moslemistic Fascists because “Christians have been violent too.” Of course we have been violent too. Our God told us to do it. But our God is real, and their “god” is NOT REAL. That makes OUR violence OKAY and THEIR violence idolatrous murder. This is so elementary, so central to basic Catholic catechesis (unless you were catechized in post-1970 hippie dippie Catholycism), that I seriously can’t believe the Moslims DON’T GET IT.

Seriously, I just hope that through Joe’s courageous post many will check again world history, especially our Moslim brothers and sisters who are just dead wrong about this and about everything. It is a post that needs to be read in full by all in the mainstream media. I, for one, am sending it to that guy from the Daily Show in just a few minutes. I would love to see Joe tear the crap out of that whiny liberal pansy like the righteous and potentially violent CRUSADER that he is.

The fact is, the vicious Mosllims of those violent times had far, far more Christian and Jewish blood on their hands than all the Christians soldiers, militia members, KKK adherents, and abortion clinic bombers that have ever lived.

And by the way, I think it’s great that JP II refused to apologize for the Crusades. Why ask forgiveness for all my sins I committed 750 years ago! That was then. This is now. Plus, in reality we do not need to “apologize” for anything. We are Traditional Catholics.

So again I say, Yes! At last! Thank you, Joe Hartgrooves! I see that there are some liberal wussies who want to debate you. I say, in the words of our late, great former president, “BRING ‘EM ON.” I have set up an email address for you to handle all of the debate requests that will come your way so as not to clog your family’s email inbox: YESJOEHARTGROOVESIWILLDEBATEYOUPLEASEDONTHURTMETOOBAD@YAHOO.COM. I will send you the password here in a few minutes.


4 Responses to “Enough is Enough!!: Their Violence is BAD, Our Violence is GOOD”

  1. Joe Hargrave said

    [Joe – Despite your general awesomeness, the comment you left is an offense to Truth. Please review our comment policy if you are not picking up what I am putting down. If you don’t like it, you can make like a baby and head out. I will still read your righteous crusader-blog though! – Richard HEDGES.]

  2. joepantsonfire said

    I get so pissed off by muslims, jihadi bastards who come to the west to outbreed christians so they can put them under sharia law and then kill them all. Not I’d we get to you first. It’s time for the pope to call a new crusade and have america bomb the crap out of Iran and every jihadi terror camp all over the middle east.

  3. steve dalton said

    I’ve always believed the only way to put a permament stop to Islam is to fight it to death. Theirs, not ours! But none of this wishy-washy balderdash about bombing Iran! Drop the bombs and missiles smack dab on Mecca and Medina! That’s were all the crap is comimg from, and bombing those places will completely demoralizes the Muzzies and make them serious abot converting to Catholicism!

  4. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Those Muzzies who died at the Christian sword during the Crusades should be happy that we cut down their iniquitous lives before they could sin more against the Gospel. They are probably a couple of floors up from the level of Hell they would have been if the righteous crusaders had not waged their war against them.

    When will muddled-headed, queer liberals get it through their heads that when you fight for the right, you can do no wrong, and when you fight for the wrong, you can do no right?

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