Stand up to Obamassiah’s false God

September 1, 2010

The bible tells us we should not worship false gods, like golden calves, buddhas, or allahs. But the Obamassiah has built a big golden calf called government debt. It’s yellow and shiny and seductive. High priest Obama says that if we pray it to three times daily, and dance like a barbarian Kenyan villager in a loincloth around it, then it will be placated and wont destroy American with its “financial crisis”. Barfie O’Bull says that because he prayed to this false god, and his prophet Keynes, who was a filthy homosexual, the United States has been spared a great calamity. Sorry to burst your Indonesian bubble there, Barry Soetoro, but God will not be mocked. God told us that America is his chosen nation and are under his protection. He gave us the country to do whatever we wanted with, and he kicked out the naked Indians to give us elbow room to drive our SUVs. This is God’s plan. This is our God, Imam Hussein Obama, not yours, and he will be not allow you to destroy America with your socialism and with your golden debt calf.

Good citizens, look at what this witch doctor has done. Under Bush, a good decent man and an effective leader, we had no debt. Yes, I know that he spent a lot of money, but he did that to keep America safe, and keep it safe he did. Thank you mister president! But in his great wisdom, he cut taxes and reduced the debt. Anybody worth his salt knows why. If you cut taxes, people will work more, and if you cut those lazy good-for-nothings off welfare, they will work more still. So less spending on welfare, which is the biggest item in the budget. Less taxes, which makes more money. Less spending, more revenue leans less debt, and defeated terrorists. Thank you mister president.

Now the terrorist in chief is trying to undo all this good. He spent, spent, spent, and taxed, taxed, taxed, and this African medicine man thinks Americans are so stupid they will buy this baloney? I don’t think so. Good honest Americans won’t let him ruin our birthright. We will take our country back and destroy the golden debt calf by cutting welfare spending and cutting taxes, just like Bush done. God bless America.


One Response to “Stand up to Obamassiah’s false God”

  1. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    …as long as we keep spending money on guns, tanks, jets, and other weapons to defeat our enemy, Islam. Welfare spending takes valuable dollars away for the ultimate mission to turn Mecca into a pile of rubble.

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