Do you know your enemy?

September 2, 2010

I’m this morning. Very angry. Why, you might ask? What’s up, Joe, you’re such a level-headed guy, what’s up today? I’ll tell you. I’m angry because the Church is being attacked on all sides by its enemies and because the Church has bought into this 1960s PC crap, we are no longer allowed to call a spade a spade. This is really dangerous as the Church defines itself based on what it is against. We saw this all the way from the attack on Arianism through the attack on pro-abort politicians. This is what makes the Church stronger. If we don’t fight our enemies, we will not survive. I’m worried. And I’m angry.

There is no bigger enemy of the Church than Islam. Thanks to the Church and tha Catholic west, we have freedom, liberty, and free markets today. Without that, it would all be beards, bombs, and burkas. We fought them hard during the crusades, even if treacherous pansies from the Byzantine empire though modern day liberals like to side with the Muslims against their own kind. Mark Shea says it best:

“Actually, I’d be more inclined to say Islam is the enemy, but that not all Muslims are.”

Right on, Shea, you are forgiven for all that American bashing. It’s time for the west to take up the sword again, to renew the crusading spirit that gave glory to God and manly virtue. How about a crusade against Iran, the west bank terrorists, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Taliban. It’s all one fight. Let’s do it now. Deus lo vult! Deus lo vult! Deus lo vult! And by the way, those Greek bastards deserve all they get in their economic crisis for selling out the crusades to the enemy and spitting in the face of Christ.

There are enemies at home to that must be fought. Pro-aborts, socialists, feminists, freedom haters, immigrants. Let’s fight them all! Even worse, there are enemies in the Church. What the hell is wrong with the Church? Why are we cursed with heretics like Phony Baloney Mahony when we have a crisis on our hands with all these Catholic In Name Only groups who true aim is to destroy the Church, which means Satan is their master? Thank God we have holy Catholic men like Thomas Peters willing to stand a stand against these domestic infidels. Heretic pro-abort Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is gone. Now let’s smoke out the rest of these heretics: Commonweal, National Catholic Reporter, Vox Puka, Doug Kmiec, “Sister” Carol Keehan, the pro-death panel Catholic Health Association, (anti) America magazine, Mikey Sean Winters, the Communist Campaign for Human Development. And while we’re at it, lets root out the last remnants of the 1960s from the Church: guitars, peace and love, social justice and all that communist crap. In the Vatican too.

And forget this ant-capitalist climate change rubbish. It’s all made up anyway and it would kill our economy. So what if Africa is doing badly? Not our fault. They’re all just lazy and corrupt anyway. Yeah, I know what the liberals will say, that its racism. Bull. The Church teaches individual responsibility. Fix your own damned climate, or move somewhere nicer, jerks. Be a man, for God’s sake. Socialism like cap and tax won’t save you, it will kill you. Only the sword of Christ will save you. And anyway, maybe climate change will be God’s judgment on the Muslims. CRUSADE NOW!!!


9 Responses to “Do you know your enemy?”

  1. baseball91 said

    Wow…you think materialism is an indication a society is blessed. You think wealth is a purpose of human life. And somehow you think it is the Vatican’s fault, preaching social justice. You have not figured out the human condition yet. Like why more than half the world survives on less than $2 per day. But you wealth proves you are better than they are. And this is all just luck, based upon the country where you were born? They used to teach this concept as the Protestant Work Ethic, Teddy Roosevelt and his big stick. And it all led to World War I and II. So wealth has somehow ordained you, but no one wanted to join your church because of the blatant arrogance.

  2. At the risk of mimicking the liberal echo chamber tendency, this is a brilliant post and you took the words right out of my patriotic mouth.

  3. steve dalton said

    If we’re going to take our grand crusade against seriously, lets smack down Saudi Arabia first! That’s the toilet were all the crap is coming from!

  4. steve dalton said

    In my post, the word Islam shold have foolowed against. So0rry.

  5. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Don’t forget the Mass in English. A thousand curses on the Mass in a vulgar tongue.

    What we need to do is make babies. Lots of babies. Lots of white… I mean “Catholic”… babies. (I guess we could use the brown ones who haul supplies and stuff.) None of this NFP crap, or that you’re too tired from work, or that you have a headache. Do Muslim men have headaches? Heck, they can’t stop buggering the camels, let alone the women. Do Muslim women get headaches under their hijabs? Hell no, they’re down for whatever. The Church needs to be firm on that: no more NFP crap, or the Pill, or “spacing kids”. Every Catholic couple has to AT LEAST have five children. Where else are we going to get the Crusaders of the Future? Who else is going to have your back in the street fights with jihadists on the streets of Paris and London?

    And female babies only count as half a baby. At least five sons, to be taken to the military education camps when they’re five (like that movie 300, I loved that movie)and trained to hate Islam with every fiber of their being. After about a generation, Mecca will be turned into a giant cathedral in the desert, and democracy will shine throughout the Middle East.

    So before you grab your sword, grab your woman and your thermometer. No use doing it in “infertile periods”. Just a waste of energy. When she’s a-ovulating, time to do it like two jack rabbits who just ate a jalapeño.

  6. Joe Hargrave said

    You know, there’s not much here I disagree with. There should be a great purge, and I would be happy to preside over it.

    Your banjo would be the first thing to go into the bonfire.

  7. When she’s a-ovulating, time to do it like two jack rabbits who just ate a jalapeño.

    Line crossed and shark jumped. The end.

  8. You know, there’s not much here I disagree with.

    Well I should hope not, caped crusader! You have proven yourself to be on the right side, i.e. GOD’S side, for some time now.

    Your banjo would be the first thing to go into the bonfire.

    I didn’t know Mr. Pantsonfire played the banjo. That’s very good. The banjo is America’s instrument. (We stole it from Africa, though, just like we stole them slaves. Now they’re all ours. Finder’s keepers.) Joe, many of the good patriotic war songs that Donald MacClarney posts on your blog feature prominent banjo. You should give the instrument a chance.

  9. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    “Line crossed and shark jumped. The end.”

    They better be Muzzie-eating sharks. And it will be the end. Of Islam.

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