September 3, 2010

Holy fucking shit. I have to swear a little bit, and I apologize and reprent to my God Jesus, but HOLY SHIT, this video had me in tears:

At first I thought it must be a joke, from maybe some liberals or something, because I have never encountered such sincerity from Republican Tea Partiers. Ray Steven, you have outdone thyself. This video will move hearts. And minds. And souls, to the Jesus that I know.

I cannot say much as I am still absorbing all of the sand, cacti, blue screens, and trucker hats featured in your musical film. But I will reiterate!


3:41 — You shake your head at the sin of this liberal nation!
3:44 — You put your hands in your own middle-class pockets that that MUSLIN Obama President of ours is STEALING FROM.

You seriously could not be more accurate in the way you portray the oppression of the white, bearded man in this country!

So, lemme get this straight. Tomorrow is Friday which means Saturday is Saturday and that is the day I can and will go to confession to reprent to Jesus for the word “fucking” that I used in this post. But tough guys must use tough words to portray the obscenity of the brown men and womens that are entering this country to steal from us. I promise to have a little talk with Jesus about my language in confession on Saturday, as it was use only for his glory and for his honor and also that of the United States of America on this day in Glenn Beck’ honoor. Forgiveness is coming for me in sacrament.

I dare you to listen to this video and not be moved in the depths of your heart, soul, and nether-regions. Thank you, Ray. Ray, thanks.


4 Responses to “GOD SAVE ARIZONE-A!”

  1. steve dalton said

    I didn’t care fer the cussin’, but God bless Ray Stevens! And a pox on the morons in DC!

  2. My apologies if it offended you or anyone in your family, Steve. I don’t know how to delete the offensive words, I’m afraid. I should curb my drunk blogging, a vice I have struggled with for a few weeks now!

    In Christ,
    Dick HEDGES

  3. old-school-mom in AZ said

    I live here. A few things of which I can assure your readers.
    1. People outside of AZ don’t have a clue what it is really like here. AZ is a very diverse state, and to say that the police force is going to abuse the law and discriminate, is to say that the Hispanic cops are going to abuse and discriminate their own people. The racism claim is ridiculous. Unlike many other states that only see Hispanics building homes or doing labor jobs, the Hispanic population in AZ is a part of every economic class: from physical laborers to bankers, to teachers, to doctors, etc. This is not a race issue: it is a secure border issue.
    2. The only people that are against this law here, are either illegal migrants themselves, or people who are ignorant of benifits they receive from having a secure border. Young liberals. Unfortunately those young liberals (and some older ones) own the media so the story isn’t accurately being told.
    3. We can thank the government public schools for the ignorance of the masses. America’s young people couldn’t clearly outline the functions of our governing bodies if they wanted to. Those same young people probably don’t even know what sparked the Revolutionary War and what the Declaration of Independence entitled us to, and much less about Pearl Harbor and its implications…so why are we surprised that they just don’t seem to “get it?”
    4. Much to my surprise, having lived elsewhere most of my life…Arizona residents are some of the most patriotic I’ve ever seen. Everywhere you look, you see an American flag. There are no wimps around here other than the young ones. We will fight for our rights if we have to.
    5. God is in control. We are Christians first, and citizens second. Let’s not bring shame on ourselves by partaking in things and thought-patterns that are anti-Christ in nature. Love on God’s family and be prepared to fight for your rights if it comes to that. Raise your kids to fear God Almighty, and love whom He loves, and fight for their right to practice Christianity. That’s what we’re doing here in AZ. Ultimately as Christians, the biggest risk we are facing is losing our right to peacefully practice Christianity…no matter what the feds(ahem! Czars) do (or don’t do) about the border.
    (please excuse any spelling errors: it is not my strong-suit :))

  4. Ultimately as Christians, the biggest risk we are facing is losing our right to peacefully practice Christianity…

    YES! Christians are the most oppressed people in all of these UNITED STATES, hands down! Way down! Thank you for telling the truth.

    Dick HEDGES

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