Close the border now

September 10, 2010

Joe Hargrave on our sister site has done yeoman’s work in showing the problems of immigration on the southern border, that the liberal latte sipping metrosexual sissies in New York and California don’t care about. And lying heretic bishops like Phony Baloney Mahony don’t get it either. Mother Angelica had your number years ago, heretic.

This is the problem. With open borders, bloodthirsty machete-wielding Mexicans are over running amuck and terrorizing honest God-fearing Americans. They are shooting people and cutting throats with broken tequila bottles. They are cutting off people’s heads and burying them in the desert. The Mexican military is running over the border, and shooting randomly at Americans, because they are all drunk and high on cocaine anyway. The Mexicans gangs have taken over our southern towns. They are pillaging and burning whole towns, and turning them into scnes from Mad Max. They are beheading our men and raping our women, and some of our men too, because most Mexicans are gay. And they are dirty and greasy and never seem to wash, and they throw garbage all over the place. They drive around our streets playing their ugly loud alien music, and if you complain, they’ll run after you with a machete and chop off your head. Mexico is run by the narco terrorists, and soon America will be too if we don’t close the borders.

The only answer is to ban all immigration from Mexico. And don’t you dare tell me that’s racist, as that will make me very very angry. It’s for the common good. The Church teaches that countries can regulate their borders. Let’s face it. America and Mexico have nothing in common. America is based on Judeo-Christian principles in the rational Anglo-Saxon tradition. Mexico is built on anger, emotion, machismo, and blood feuds. You can’t mix the two. And you can’t argue with these people, because they get emotional over every issue and cry racism. Well, sorry, this is not racism and get back to me when you can put the emotion aside and have a reasonable debate. This emotionalism drives me crazy, because I believe in reason and rationality. In fact, it makes me really angry, so angry that I want to pound my head against the wall or go our to the firing range. I want to scream at the stupidity of it all. I am so freaking angry now. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


5 Responses to “Close the border now”

  1. Wow, that post was from back in April. Running out of material?

  2. joepantsonfire said

    Awesome posts are always awesome. When I write something, I expect it to be cited for years and years. The world needs more of my insights, because I am rational and reasonable.

  3. steve dalton said

    Ah, don’t close the borders, just don’t shoot anyone going south!

  4. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Joe Hargrave is the best. I have a lock of his hair, and hold it every time I read one of his posts. He’s just so gosh-darn swell!

  5. Adam said

    Is this slapstick or farce?

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