I, too, will not apologize for Columbus’ supposed “genocide.”

October 13, 2010

Catholic fascists everywhere have two Catholic bloggers to thank for setting the record straight on the legacy of Christopher Columbus.

Michael Sean Winters over at National Catholic Distorter must have been recruited in order to change the reputation of that newspaper, as his views have often tip-toed into sanity. In addition to holding a quite-right view on the nation of Israel, Winters clearly sees that genocide in the name of the Gospel is justified.

And Joe Hargrave over at The American Catholic, always an unambiguous champion of Catholic fascism, gives us the more detailed goods on why Catholics should never apologize for European imperialism and genocide, including a scathing critique of that hero of the Christian Left — including the proponents of the condemned “liberation theology — Bartolome de Las Casas. Las Casas was clearly the forefather of dissident priests like Gustavo Gutierrez, John Sobrino, Richard McBrien, John Dear, Roger Haiht, and all Jesuits. And he was obviously a total creep and whiny guilt-ridden liberal.

Not only should Catholics NOT apologize for Columbus or Columbus Day or Euro-genocide, LET’S MAKE EVERY DAY COLUMBUS DAY at least in Spirit. Here is a quote to inspire you to those ends:

“No one should doubt that the gunpowder against the infidels is like incense to the Lord.” – Oviedo, 16th c.


5 Responses to “I, too, will not apologize for Columbus’ supposed “genocide.””

  1. Adam said

    Killing is never justifiable – but a Catholic may always give a regretful acknowledgment of the faults of his fellow person.

  2. Stephen E Dalton said

    The native tribes like the Mayans and the Aztecs were the true commiters of genocide. The Spanish pt a spot to that nonsence!

  3. Joe Hargrave said

    Did you HAVE to lump me in with Winters? That’s worse than calling me a fascist.

  4. Commander Hartgrave! Being called a “fascist” is a compliment in these parts! You should be proud!

    That liberal Winters is generally just that — a liberal wuss. But he is learning, perhaps from you, that God desires a good genocidal bloodbath now and then, all for His glory.

  5. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    Most of those naked pagan Indians died from disease, which just proves that they were inferiors placed here to serve the noble European Christian. The rest who were enslaved or resisted Cross and Crown and paid with their lives are a small price to pay to contribute to the glory of Christendom. Besides, the Virgin Mary appeared to them and said that it was okay that they were conquered since they were a bunch of savages anyway.

    And yes, commie priests have always been amongst us. Like rats.

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