Catholic Fascists on the move on the Innernets

October 25, 2010

Kudos to the Huffington Post for highlighting the rise of Catholic fascist online activism! Although we are a little hurt that they did not include our modest little blog in their round-up.

We were pleased to learn of the efforts of some truly fascistic Roman Catholics in Boston in exposing the Marxist and pro-gay “Father” Bryan Hehir on this new blog. Their efforts are welcomed and truly important.


3 Responses to “Catholic Fascists on the move on the Innernets”

  1. Stephen E Dalton said

    I liked that pictre of Voris with the sword, but there was something missing. The severed head of a heretic!

  2. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    That’s good, but I’m tired about just TALKING or WRITING bad things against those darned heretics and queer liberals. It’s time to take action. I say we track ’em all down from their IP addresses and give them the punishment that they deserve. We may have to take out entire city blocks, as I don’t know how accurate those IP address finders are, and liberals are so dubious that they can look like anyone (except the queers). I’m ready if anyone else is game.

  3. Andrew said

    I can’t believe Catholic Fascism is actually a term as I’ve been using it to describe my beliefs for awhile now, then I found this blog searching for Catholic Fascism to see if there was actually a term like that. I’m entering full communion with the Holy See this Saterday, can’t wait, was one of those filthy anglican’ts before.

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