November 11, 2010

On this day, one of our mostest holiest as American “fascist” Catholics, there is no better place to point your webby browsers than our brothers and sisters in Christ at The American Catholic, and particularly its principal author Ronald McClarney. The homage and worship that they display every day for our holy dead soldiers is truly remarkable and inspiring, but on a day like today they will surely go all out. Keep your eyes peeled and then let them weep tears of red, white, and blue. Thank you, TAC!


2 Responses to “HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!”

  1. Stephen E Dalton said

    Hey, I have a great idea how to celebrate V-Day! Mark Shea, who’s always putting or military down, has a V-Day post today. (If you don’t believe me, go to his search engine on his CAEI blog and type in military, war, war crimes etc. and you’ll see what a soldier hating fraud he is!) Go to that post and leave a comment that will put this leftist in his place. ol’Marky boy will have the mother of all bowel movements if enough vets and vet supporters will drop bombs on him!

  2. Tien said

    Hei everybody, Happy Veteran’s Day!

    We just wished to wish America’s twenty four million veterans a happy Veteran’s Day. Then lets me quote Veterans Day quote which I really love:

    “Either war is obsolete or men are … “” Buckminster Fuller”. .

    As an example if you actually are looking for info on Veterans Day parties, discounts, a History, movies and more and more, Military.com contains a really good on-line archive with everything else to help..

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