“No one should doubt that the gunpowder against the infidels is like incense to the Lord.” – Oviedo, 16th c.

Chris Hedges has it right: Christian fascists are growing stronger. But, sadly, not strong enough among our Roman Catholic brethren. Despite some valiant attempts, like our friends at The American Catholic, the Roman Catholic blogosphere remains insufficiently committed to the task of whiteness witness called for during the Second Vatican Council and the duty of spreading American ideals of freedom, capitalism, and unmatched power. Vatican II got so, so many things wrong. But its statement of the Catholic layman’s duty to fight for Catholic truth in the secular sphere could not be more correct.

And today’s United States of America — overrun as it is with radical feminists, whiny liberals, demasculinized “men,” Middle Eastern terrorists, queer homosexualists, greedy pornographers, burnt out drug addicts, lazy deadbeats, and more — needs Christ’s One True Church more than ever. The Catholic Fascist sees its mission as speaking the One Truth into an ambivalent Roman Catholic blogosphere. Our Holy Father is on a mission to purge the Church of its “filth,” and we aim to proclaim and contribute to this cleansing in a way fitting to Internet-connected lay Catholic men.

A note about the blog’s title. Certain minority factions of the Catholic blogosphere have taken to calling conservative Catholics — that is to say TRUE Catholics — “fascists,” a move that is not merely hateful but ignorant of history. Everyone knows that fascists have historically been liberals. Our blog title is not meant to concede that we are “fascists” in the historical sense but to proudly reclaim the word ironically as we boast of the conservative Gospel of Jesus Christ. If promoting the truth is considered “fascist” by the Catholic Left, so be it. Catholic fascists we are.


“[B]est new website of the year… hilarious… Highly recommended for Catholics of all ages.” – National Catholic Reporter Distorter

“[S]ome of the best satire I have read in years…. Spread the word.” – Reditus: A Chronicle of Aesthetic Christianity

“All hail The Catholic Fascist!” – The Western Confucian


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17 Responses to “About The Catholic Fascist”

  1. You forgot to mention us illegal immigrant spics, and for that I am offended!

  2. Gail F said

    This blog is not as funny as I believe you think it is. Work on being funnier.

  3. Please don’t proclaim to be a CHRISTian when you simply can’t demonstrate it. The Lord God will hold you accountable.

  4. Dave Lister said

    How may we help you, vshout? Perhaps you can read The Wave of the Future?

  5. Pelayo Zaragosa said

    “Funny” has also been coopted by the socialists, who want to destroy all seriousness of the Truth and turn us into relativist homos. Fat people on airplanes destroying my rights to be free of fat people and re-attaching your foreskin to not be out of the Covenant with God is serious business. Besides, I read a study that said the funny people are low-IQ, socialist homos who want to put us under the yoke of commie homo Ivy League Academia. We’re as serious as a heart attack.

  6. Jammy Bacon said

    Which are the real comments and which are the fakes?!

  7. Nothin’ fake about fascism, Jammy!

  8. That’s some excellent advice for any Catholic Man, fisherofman!

  9. pasisozi said

    \\“No one should doubt that the gunpowder against the infidels is like incense to the Lord.” – Oviedo, 16th c.\\

    Someone greater than anyone who posts to these blogs said, “Those who take the sword shall die by the sword.”

    This applies to guns, too. (I gladly admit the Second Amendment says what it says. But using physical lethal force against spiritual enemies clearly goes against the Word of God.)

  10. But using physical lethal force against spiritual enemies clearly goes against the Word of God.

    Which “Word of God”? God spoke plenty of Words that condone and encourage violence. And those words are much much stronger and manlier than His wussy words of “peace.” The Church knows which Words to which She should cling! And they ain’t “Love your enemy.”

  11. R.C. said

    Ah. Vox Nova descends into self-parody through an ill-tempered exercise at parody. Funny how that goes!

  12. Dave Lister said


    Why are all of these modernists telling us this is parody?

    The good news is that these modernists are old, hippy types and they will die out in The Wave of the Future.

  13. Vox Nova indeed = self-parody. Thank you for that daily reminder, so useful for boosting Catholic fascist self-righteousness!

  14. Pauli said

    Praise to Our Lady and pass the ammunition!

  15. […] others. To elaborate a little bit, we tend to treat the ability to discriminate as supreme. As the Catholic Fascist has put it, the pursuit of truth is the only good. Tolerance is the virtue often posited as […]

  16. Maria said

    Well, I’m a True Fascist and a True Catholic and I see a lot of hate-mongerers here. I guess, since I’m disabled and transgendered then I’m too inferior to be fascist or catholic by your standards. However, I’m a good catholic girl.

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