The truth is one and universal; it is eternal and timeless. There can be no new voices. That is why I am glad that our friends at The American Catholic have provided us a link to this video about that evil blog, Vox Nova. We all know new voices are always the voices of heretics! But what is worse, they want to silence every other voice! Watch the video here.

H/T to Donald McClarey.

The Wave of the Future will not see Vox Nova continue. They will be as outdated as chainmail as our guns of truth take site on their anti-American ways!


Michael Voris reminds us; all mortal sin deserves hell. What he forgets to tell us is that rebellion is a mortal sin. Those who betray America from within deserve hell! That’s right, God hates sin, and so hates those who hate America!


Something I missed when writing The Wave of the Future is the way our cartoons will once again proclaim pure American values once again. Just watch these examples, and you will see what I mean!

It’s time to think about the Catholic Blog Awards. No, not the 2010 ones; no, we need to think about the future. Now is the time to start collecting support for The Catholic Fascist. It will be The Wave of the Future!

Tell your friends! Get the world to support us. For you know, we are the best of the best, and we deserve to win in all of these categories:

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I don’t get it. What exactly is a “Western Confucian?” You know Confucian was educated by Satan to spread confusion, right? There you have it. While not as bad as, say, a Muslim at a pork fest, a Western Confucian is just a communist spy from all I can tell. China is communist, and confusion is the main desire of communists in the West. Western confusion, indeed.

In The Wave of the Future, we will not let confusion reign, in the West nor in the East. But let’s send them back to the East for the time being. We don’t need them causing problems as we fight for our right for freedom.

The Orthodox.

You know you have heard of them. Some people even think they represent original Christianity. How can that be when they reject the filioque?

No. The Orthodox are heretics. They are closer to the truth, I will grant you that. And it is because of this closeness to the truth they are a danger. People will be confused by them. People will become Orthodox. But it is all because they reject Rome and think the Orthodox represent the ultimate anti-Roman tradition.

Yet there is hope. The Orthodox have a place in the Wave of the Future. Orthodox are coming close to bowing before the Pope, just as Pope Eugene IV wanted them to do. That’s right, the Orthodox know they should be bowing to the Pope. However, during their rebellion, they once said they would rather bow to the Turk than to the Pope. They got their wish, and look what happened? The Orthodox know this was a mistake. God has made them pay for the sins of their past.

Once they submit to humility, and admit they were wrong about the filioque, they will be our strongest warriors against Islam. They will show us what we do not know, the harsh truth about Islam. Look to the Serbs. They will be our chief warriors for our new war for the salvation of the world. The Serbs, once they admit their sins, will produce great saints. I know this, because I know what will happen, as I proved with The Wave of the Future.

Go to the Serbs. Help them. Arm them. Encourage them. They will finally see Rome is with them, and they will finally submit to Rome. They will bow low but then be raised up high!

I could have told you this. Of course, I actually did, if you read my book, The Wave of the Future. Good Catholic Americans are fed up with Muslims taking over.  We can’t allow Muslims to claim victory here.

The good news, we will not. Even the Kenyan is now backtracking. While he is here as a communist Muslim seeking a Red Sharia Law, he knows he can’t do his task when the good people of the union tell him no.

Keep it up. Soon, the Muslims will start leaving. They will go back to Mecca and worship the moon.

Yes, we are The Wave of the Future. But many people want to be stuck in the 1960s past. For example, there is this radical left-wing anti-Catholic site called Vox Nova. They hate the Church of Christ, as can be seen by their misrepresentation of its teachings. Now I tried to comment upon President Bush and the Kenyan — only to find it has not been approved. The post claims the Kenyan is following President Bush’s policies:

Devil’s Minion: And today, the military commission judge refused to throw out “evidence” received under this torture. This is the standard of a banana republic. I expected this from Bush-Cheney, but shame on Obama.

Fear not, faithful reader — I expected he would silence me. Those who denounce the Holy Constitution do not like free speech! I saved what I wrote for this occasion!  Here is what I told them — the truth and nothing but the truth, thanks be to God!

No, no and no! Bush was a secret Jesuit warrior helping to bring war into the Middle East. He pretended to be cool about Islam so that he could sucker punch them. Hussein is a Muslim and he is trying to bring the Muslims into America to bring Sharia law here. We will not allow it. No, the true Catholics will call in to the Jesuits (the real ones) and make sure the Muslims know Sharia Law is not welcome. This culture war will be victorious for us — once we kick out the Kenyan!

There you have it. The Kenyan must not be trusted. Trust Bush. Don’t let them try to tell you the Kenyan is just like Bush. No. They are as different as black and white! Long live the Jesuit fighters who will usher in The Wave of the Future!

Have you seen the fake conservative blog, A Conservative Blog For Peace?  They have accused us — us — of being modernists! Their fake brand claim to being conservative can be seen through by anyone who isn’t a modernist — by knowing that conservatives will support the fighters as they take out all atheists, socialists, and would-be heretics. The fighters are the way to make The Wave of the Future happen. The fighters will win this social battle. Don’t be fooled by turncoats who seek for peace — peace, peace they will proclaim to help us follow the Antichrist, the archliberal himself!

Just remember– it is this so-called conservative who is telling us that St Philomena’s heroic virtues are in doubt. She fought the fight against the Roman persecutors and, by being in the front line, she won her warrior’s crown. Nothing doubtful about her, is there? The Wave of the Future will require more like her!

They are afraid. Very very afraid. They know they are a dying breed. I’m sure many of them have read The Wave of the Future and know their time is short. Pseud0-Catholics following Marxist ideologies will be a thing of the past. Their pro-abortion ways will be the death of them.

Don’t let their use of Latin confuse you. Even Martin Luther used Latin! Don’t let their quotes of Fathers of the Church confuse you. Even Martin Luther quoted Augustine! You can tell Marxist Catholics whenever you see them gather together and ask for social justice. Social justice — code word for Marxism. But the class war they want to start will be finished by us. Long live the fighters! Truth will prevail. Even if they tell us they disagree with Protestants, just remember, better Lutheran than Liberationist. Luther, we all know, was wrong, but at least he didn’t preach the heresy of atheism! But don’t worry. The Wave of the Future is starting with us now.

Just remember, one way you can spot an evil Marxist: they have no sense of humor. They will prove themselves to be heirs of Calvin with their stark rigor and inability to laugh at themselves. They will take themselves way too seriously. This proves, as we all know Calvinism is the source of all things Marxist (it is better Lutheran than Calvinist for this very reason). It was the Dutch Calvinists, after all, who started the socialist takeover of corporations! Down with the Marxist Calvinists! Long live the fighters!