After the great work done by servant of God Glenn Beck, this patriot is promoting a march we should go to. His name sounds a bit gay and french, but his message is Godly and muscular American:

“America, the Greatest Country God ever gave Man, was built on three bedrock principles: Freedom. Liberty. And Fear — that someone might take our Freedom and Liberty. But now, there are dark, optimistic forces trying to take away our Fear — forces with salt and pepper hair and way more Emmys than they need. They want to replace our Fear with reason. But never forget — “Reason” is just one letter away from “Treason.” Coincidence? Reasonable people would say it is, but America can’t afford to take that chance.”

This gentleman makes a good point. It’s  a Catholic point too. We don’t hear much about fear of the Lord these days, but we all need to fear the lord as the non-elect are going straight to hell and Obama’s evil health care can’t save them. In my day, kids were taught fear with a birch across the backside, or by listening to the John Birch guys. Instead of sitting in the mud and smoking pot and listening to devil’s music, they sat in the mud of Normandy and listened to God’s sacred music of tanks and bombs. But today, they are lazy and gay-ish. They don’t care about the islamofacists, and they couldn’t even locate them on a map. Here’s a hint, sissies, it’s in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, France, and Mexico. We need to bring back fear to scare the crap out of these baby liberals, so maybe they can wake up and bomb them. I want my damn country back.

Well, Old Dan might well come to DC for that event. I haven’t been to DC since the days of Herbert Hoover so it might have changed a bit since them. I don’t want to waste my money on hotels, even if it’s still better than taxes, so I might just camp put on the Mall, and cook my food under God’s own starlight. All faithful orthodox readers are welcome to join and sing some good battle songs around the campfire.


The libertine heretical dissidents at Vox Puka, the pro-abort debate club, has put up a post on the top ten best theological works of the 20th century. It comes as no surprise that these are all weird gay sounding European names, or that they are all elitist intellectual types with far too much book learnin’ and not enough good old American common sense. And we all where which one Catholic teaching is based on! Come on, Jesus had no fancy liberal book learnin’ – him and his guys were just honest small business owners like carpenters and fisherman oppressed by big Roman government. If you open up one of those books, and you won’t understand a cottinpickin word. That’s the point, I think, they want you to be so impressed by how big their brains are, and to admire them. But if you do that, you will lose your faith, so no thanks, I’m steering clear of these European socialist pansies.

So I said, Dan, why don’t you come up with your own list? Why not! After all, I was born in 1896 and so remember the whole of the 20th century. So here y’all are, in no particular order:

1. The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, by Michael Novak

– Novak lays it on the line, how Catholic teaching is based on free markets. Never been equalled.

2. The Road to Serfdom, by Friedrich Hayek.

– Yeah, I know he’s European, and I know it’s hard to follow, but it’s worth it. The supreme intellectual defense of freedom and everything that makes God and America so great.

3. Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand

– A moral fable about what happens with big government. Socialists need to repent now.

4. To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine, by Newt Gingrich

– America’s greatest living Catholic theologian applies his brain to the problems of our time.

5. Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism, by Sean Hannity

–  Bringing the mystery of the incarnation to life in modern America.

6. God And Man At Yale, by William F. Buckley Jr.

– A modern version of St. Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo.

7. Against the Grain: Christianity and Democracy, War and Peace, by George Weigel

–  The greatest just war theologian since Augustine makes a compelling case.

8. Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack, by Marc Thiessen

– Second only to Weigel, Thiessen shows how America can be kept safe by applying just war theory to enemy combatants.

9. The Naked Public Square: Religion and Democracy in America, by Richard John Neuhaus

– Neuhaus shows how America is the ideal Catholic country, based on freedom.

10. America is the Real Catholic Church and Socialist Europe is Damned, by Daniel Tobias Pius McLockinload

– I don’t like to toot my horn here, but I’ve been looking for a publisher for this since 1949. It is my definitive work on why the American constitution has the status of a conciliar document, and why only the freedoms we have in America are really aligned with Catholic teaching. If any publisher is reading this, let me know.

The bible tells us we should not worship false gods, like golden calves, buddhas, or allahs. But the Obamassiah has built a big golden calf called government debt. It’s yellow and shiny and seductive. High priest Obama says that if we pray it to three times daily, and dance like a barbarian Kenyan villager in a loincloth around it, then it will be placated and wont destroy American with its “financial crisis”. Barfie O’Bull says that because he prayed to this false god, and his prophet Keynes, who was a filthy homosexual, the United States has been spared a great calamity. Sorry to burst your Indonesian bubble there, Barry Soetoro, but God will not be mocked. God told us that America is his chosen nation and are under his protection. He gave us the country to do whatever we wanted with, and he kicked out the naked Indians to give us elbow room to drive our SUVs. This is God’s plan. This is our God, Imam Hussein Obama, not yours, and he will be not allow you to destroy America with your socialism and with your golden debt calf.

Good citizens, look at what this witch doctor has done. Under Bush, a good decent man and an effective leader, we had no debt. Yes, I know that he spent a lot of money, but he did that to keep America safe, and keep it safe he did. Thank you mister president! But in his great wisdom, he cut taxes and reduced the debt. Anybody worth his salt knows why. If you cut taxes, people will work more, and if you cut those lazy good-for-nothings off welfare, they will work more still. So less spending on welfare, which is the biggest item in the budget. Less taxes, which makes more money. Less spending, more revenue leans less debt, and defeated terrorists. Thank you mister president.

Now the terrorist in chief is trying to undo all this good. He spent, spent, spent, and taxed, taxed, taxed, and this African medicine man thinks Americans are so stupid they will buy this baloney? I don’t think so. Good honest Americans won’t let him ruin our birthright. We will take our country back and destroy the golden debt calf by cutting welfare spending and cutting taxes, just like Bush done. God bless America.

I truly believe that no Catholic could ever support that Obamacare obamanation. I blame the USCCB for not pointing this out. I know they said they could not support it when it built new abortion factories, but they also said they would support if it didn’t. By doing this they are betraying the principle of subsidiarity which says that nobody is owed anything by the government, and if you want to eat, you need to work, and if you want to go to the doctor, you pay for it. Subsidiarity says it has to be at the lowest level, and that nearly always means the individual. I don’t want to get all technical on y’all who never studied no theology, but there are some exceptions to that. For a woman, it means her father or husband makes the decision. Sometimes, as in mental retardation, somebody else needs to make the decision for you, as long as that person is not a liberal who wants to kill you. But most of the time, subsidiarity is all about individual responsibility. That’s why America is the only true Catholic nation on the planet.

Look what happens to the health care system when people don’t respect this. Look at Canada. They have a terrible system. You are not allowed to pay for your own health care. If you take out your wallet in a doctor’s office, he has to call the police. That’s the law. So what happens if you are sick? A government bureaucrat has to make a decision. You fill out a form with your symptoms and you hand it into a government welfare office. You will probably wait 8 hours to hand it in, that’s what Canadians tell me. Of course, it will probably take 3 months or more before that bureaucrat gets to the file, as he only works 4 hour days and takes every other day off, because he can’t be fired and lives like a king on taxpayer money. And when he gets your file, if you are lucky, he will put you on a waiting list and assign you a doctor. The waiting lists average about 2 years, but you might be able to get that shortened if you are willing to see a doctor in a different Canadian province. If the bureaucrat thinks that you are too old, or treating you would cost too much, he can put you on the death panel, and you have no right to appeal. Remember this when you read statistics. Canada counts people on death panels as people getting health care so you might think more Canadians get treatment than Americans. But this is death panels, yes sirree Bob. My guess is that one out of every 3 Canadians is death paneled.

What can Canadians do? They come to the land of the free and home of the brave, for the best health care system in the world. About 3 million Canadians cross the border every day for health care. That’s an educated guess based on the number of times I hear stories like this on Fox News, or read them in my small town paper. And the Obamassiah wants Americans to have the Canadian system of government controlled health care. And our bishops actually support this. Repeal this evil law now. If you support it, your soul is in danger. And yes, bishops, you’re in trouble too. Obviously you spend too much time in Rome hobnobbing with these filthy euro commies. Well, we’re Americans and we’re God’s people, and we’re not having it any more. Give me liberty or give me death, as long as it’s not a death panel.

If you are not loyal to the United States, you do not have the right for us to respect that disloyalty because you call it a “religion”. As Eric Cantor, a very smart Republican leader, said ‘”come on”! To make matters worse, these Muslims are terrorists who hate us for our freedom. OK, Johnny Jihad, when you respect freedom and love America, maybe we’ll let you build a mosque or two (but only if it is well hidden). Until then, get on your camel and don’t come back.

I know some liberals are saying I am a hypocrite because I am Catholic and Catholics used to be discriminated against. These liberals are all pro-abort hedonists. But I will answer this point. When Catholics were not loyal to the United States, as in the old days, they had no right to religious freedom. Sorry, folks, but the truth hurts. But now we are loyal citizens, in love with flag and country, we have religious freedom. Thats what’s great about this country. God bless America!

I love the military. When I was a boy, I joined by local church’s “fightin’ altar boy brigade” (we don’t see this anymore, because of the feminization of the mass, with pc “altar servers”, such hooey). We would meet every Saturday and throw stones at the local Protestant church and get into a good honest bout of manly fisticuffs with the heathens. But they were different times. We’ve had development of doctrine since then which says that Protestants had a lot of things right. Today, if we had fighin’ altar boys, they would throw stones at a mosque, or demonstrate at an abortion clinic, or protest vatican 2 liturgical deviation. Maybe pulling a few of those girls off the altar by the hair wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

When I was old enough, I joined the military to serve our glorious country. After all, didn’t Our Lady of Tallahassee say that the world would only be saved if the American military rooted out all godless evil? I fought in the first world war. I fought again in the second world war, and I got a dispensation to go to Korea. They told me I was too old to go to Vietnam, but I went there anyway as a civilian with my gun, just to do my bit.

In all my years of prayer, I can safely say that nothing approaches the level of religious ecstasy of fighting in a war, especially shooting guns and dropping bombs. It’s a thrill and a grace. And when I think back of the good old days, I remember this ditty we used to sing during Mass:

“The brave young boys with deep blue eyes,
Who just had left their mommies,
Dropped bombs from the tail of a fighter plane,
To obliterate the commies.

With grenades and guns and nuclear bombs,
They fought the fight for freedom,
If they get in the way, we’ll make them pay,
we’ll rip out their guts and bleed’em”.

This song honors the sacrifice of all the brave men and women who killed all sorts of pinkos and commies and assorted foreigners in the cause of America and liberty and against tyranny. They were brave Catholic boys. I’m sure they were being protected by St. Ricardo Razorblade and St. Ian the Impaler, and or course by the patron saint of bomb makers everywhere, St. Stephen Semtex. Good times, everyone. Ok, now I need to take a nap.

First off, I am so happy to be able to write for this great blog. My name is Dan McLockinload and I’m a small town lawyer, and life long Catholic since I was born in 1896. I love the Church and I love America and I thank God for our great men and women in uniform (except the gay ones) who defend us against the combined enemies of church and America.

Now, in my retirement, I’m doing some historical research. On ecumenical councils. How many are there? Well, if you look at the liberal mainstream books, they will tell you 21. Here’s something interesting. Not all ecumenical councils were considered to be ecumenical councils at the time. Sometimes, they sit back years later, and say “heck, yeah, boss, that meeting a’back then was really an ecumenical council, gosh darn it!”. Well, I think there are not 21, but 22 ecumenical councils. What one was missing then? I’ll tell you. It’s the Philadelphia constitution of 1787, and the major document is our great constitution, which tells us that our rights to be free and be happy come from God alone. This was a big change for the church, even if the church wasn’t really there, they were there in spirit, and some day they will realise this. In fact I think John Paul realized this a bit when he wrote Centesimus Annus, but it’s not official yet. It will be some day.

Excuse me, my friends, I have to stop now and chase some darned pesky kids off my lawn. Se ya’ll later!

Dan McLockinload.