As always, Michael Voris is right on the money.  He speaks THE TRUTH! Our democratic system will end in self-destruction because democracy is DOOMED to failure.  It stupidly gives the ignorant and the self-absorbed (like liberals) the “right” to vote, when in TRUE REALITY the only possible way we can sustain a voting system is to allow only virtuous Catholics to vote.  We Catholics should prevent from voting all those who don’t give a hoot about the common good or who ruthlessly demand “rights” to education, shelter, and medical care.  These ignoramuses look only to themselves, not to God  as we Catholics and only Catholics do.  Better yet, as Voris so wisely says, the way to go is a benevolent dictatorship.  A Catholic MONARCH who bestows upon people what they need, not what they want!!!  It’s really the only way to preserve the great country from the radical leftists and Muslims who want to pollute our land with their FALSE ideas and religion.  I only wish my other hero, Sarah Palin, would convert to Catholicism.  With her we’d have a wise, virtuous, God-fearing ruler.