I’m a Warrior Prince!

August 24, 2010


Warrior Prince Academy from Introspect.tv on Vimeo.

If loincloths aren’t your thing, this looks like a nice second-best.




Hell yeah!

August 20, 2010

I’m not normally one for hymns at Mass, but for this I’ll definitely make an exception.



One of the things that I love the most about worshipping with my Latin Mass Community is, (besides the only True liturgy and politics), a vibrant, healthy community.

Mostly vibrant- it was. Awesomely vibrant? ‘Tis!

See, I noticed that there were breakaway groups for most of the cohorts in our community. The old ladies met over cups of hot water to fashion steel bead rosaries for the FSSP missionaries to the Mohammadans in Khartoum (“Tough knots for tough priests,” they like to say.) The old men met to tat lace albs for the (male only!) altar servers and to discuss what the “catholycs” are up to. The young ladies in the community met to BeJewel! their chapel veils and denim homeschool jumpers to color-coordinate with the liturgical color of the day. But what about us young men? We had nothing.


Until one afternoon I was guarding the Adoration Chapel from the liturgical dance brigade and it hit me. I knew what I needed to do.

Two Friday nights later we had our first Traditional Young Men’s Greco-Roman Wrestling Match.

Thanks to a certain online shopping experience we were able to purchase proper loincloths. Zzzzing!

Thanks to our wise and faithful priest, we learned how to put them on (with the appropriate vesting prayers- in Latin– I might add!)

Why the Traditional Young Men’s Greco-Roman Wrestling Club?

  1. A better understanding of traditional Roman culture
  2. Ancient men’s fashion
  3. Bonding with holy brothers
  4. Sweaty wrestling with each other is sort of a metaphor for the spiritual life. After all, we battle demons all the time. Except the demons aren’t sweaty and slippery.
  5. Roman baths!!! Err.

Scratch #5.

Seriously, guys, I invite you to join our group with this. You can email me anytime for details. We’re working on a lapel pin because we believe in this so much. Your traditional young men will never be the same once they grapple each other in a sweaty wrestling match. Trust me.

Parker Euton



P.S. All of my lady friends say I’ve never looked more alive. Take that, liberal catholycs!

The view outside my window

August 12, 2010

Remember… We Catholic Fascists and our feathered friends can’t eat, drink, sleep, travel, or pray without your donations!

Greetings from Parker

August 11, 2010

Hi all.

I’m Parker Euton. You can read a little about me in the “contributors” page. I guess I should say up front that I was invited to write for this important project because of my liturgical aptitude, spiritual fortitude, masculine sensibility, and cultural savvy. I’m a Traditional, Orthodox Roman Catholic, and I pray the Holy Mass in a wreckovated Vatican 2 church with my Latin Mass community every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 8:05 A.M. (It really upset the liberal catholycs when we were given this coveted time slot.)

My job here is to keep you informed about important liturgical, spiritual, and cultural news and ideas. I can’t wait, guys.



(By and by… does anyone know of any good CATHOLIC resources for re-attaching one’s foreskin? I’m a convert, and my heretical Protestant mother didn’t know any better.)