Although we value and promote utmost Christian charity in our comboxes, above all else we value the pursuit of Truth. Charity, of course, should always be in the pursuit of Truth. Let the comment spaces on this blog above all else contribute to the spreading of the Truth of Christ and of his One True Church incarnate among the True Conservative American Remnant.

In the pursuit of this Truth, commenters are encouraged to be real men and to back up what they say with the willingness to use force. The whiny Catholic blogosphere mantra of “charitableness” is often an offense to Truth. Be a man and deal with it if someone tells you the Truth in the comboxes here. We are happy to arrange one-on-one meet-ups for the physical resolution of conflict.

Commenters who only serve to muddle the Truth, no matter how “charitable” they be, may be blocked temporarily or permanently. You have been warned.


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