The truth is one and universal; it is eternal and timeless. There can be no new voices. That is why I am glad that our friends at The American Catholic have provided us a link to this video about that evil blog, Vox Nova. We all know new voices are always the voices of heretics! But what is worse, they want to silence every other voice! Watch the video here.

H/T to Donald McClarey.

The Wave of the Future will not see Vox Nova continue. They will be as outdated as chainmail as our guns of truth take site on their anti-American ways!


Michael Voris reminds us; all mortal sin deserves hell. What he forgets to tell us is that rebellion is a mortal sin. Those who betray America from within deserve hell! That’s right, God hates sin, and so hates those who hate America!


Something I missed when writing The Wave of the Future is the way our cartoons will once again proclaim pure American values once again. Just watch these examples, and you will see what I mean!

America’s swastika??

August 21, 2010

I have been a fan of the blog SOUTHERN APPEAL for some time. They is the REAL DEAL folks. Nevertheless, even a morally upright, masculine, entirely SOUTHERN, pro-military, white, Christian blog like Southern Appeal can be infiltrated the liberal enemy Satan. One of its writers decided to depart from the blog, and in his departure post he rightly condemns the idea of the Moslem Mosque’s erection at Ground Zero, but compares the whole thing to the continued use of the Confederate Flag (a true symbol of American Gloryousness if there ever was one) which he calls “America’s swastika.” You have got to be kidding me, Tom. People died for that flag, man! How dare you say that?

Congratulations to SOUTHERN APPEAL on getting rid of this liberal nutcase who hates American traditions, especially those related to the oppression of the American South. Let not this detour into P.C.-land deter you from speaking the truth about what is truly American and good and holy and Godlike. We must stand up for OUR people!

In honor of S.A. giving whiny liberal Tom the boot, I will fly my Confederate Flag all week.

Hiroshima was no big deal

August 20, 2010

I must have missed this, as Christopher posted it right around the time when we were getting our little e-postolate up and running, but DAMN IT, THANK YOU Christopher for passing along all these great resources for showing these liberal pacifist hippie wusses that HIROSHIMA WAS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. You crybabies should get over it.

America does what it has to do. And we do not mourn over what we do the way wussy liberal Europe does. Maybe if the liberals want so desperately to be like Europe, they should pack up and leave.

We are not Europeans, we are Americans. And we do what we need to do.

Hell yeah!

August 20, 2010

I’m not normally one for hymns at Mass, but for this I’ll definitely make an exception.



The liberal dissedent (and probably closeted homosexualistic) Catholyc blog “VOX NOVA” (hereafter referred to as VOX PUKA or VOX NO-WAY JOSE!) weighs in with it’s opinion of our weblog e-postolate THE CATHOLIC FASCIST here.

Vox Puka blogger Harry Karlson (probably a fake name inspired by KARL MARKS) makes several claims that are just off base or just stupid.

1) Harry Karlmarks says that we are ridiculing the way that Catholic doctrine is presented on the internet. Nope. No we are not. We are CHANGING the way Catholic doctrine is presented on the internet. It is now in its PUREST ELECTRONICAL FORM, UNABRIDGED TRUTH. The only thing better than what we say here is the Catechism, the first version of course, not the revised one that says the great American tradition of capital punishment is wrong.

2) He seems to suggest that we ripped off the idea for this blog from some Orthodox blog called The Onion Dome. No way. I don’t think any of us have ever heard of that blog. The Onion, yes. Onion Dome? No. No way.

3) Karlmarks makes the accusation that there are grammatical mistakes in this blog. That could be true. Good point.

4) Harry says that THE CATHOLIC FASCIST is “not needed” just because there is a blog already called The American Catholic. Maybe if Harry would actually read this blog — at least the description of it, this blog — he would know how much we look up to The American Catholic. THAT said, when we wrote our “ABOUT” page, we meant what we said. Even The American Catholic and blogs that are like it are too liberal. That is precisely why we are needed. This blog = the fullest expression of e-Truth you can find on the Internet.

5) Finally the last couple of sentences is Harry’s post are just plain dumb liberal nonsense. He says:

One thing I think its critics are right about: The Catholic Fascist, unless it brings in new ideas, is a blog which will come and go and will soon be forgotten.

This Harry guy is a great example of the typical liberal, modernist desire for NEWNESS and INNOVATION. If THE CATHOLIC FASCIST does not say something NEW, then it must not be right and it will fade from existence. I have news for Karlmarx: GOD’S TRUTH IS ETERNAL AND THAT MEANS OLD. And we will continue to proclaim God’s eternally old Truth into the wet ears of this young liberal generation whether these liberal Marxist socialist anarchist hippies and their “new and improved”-obsessed “minds” until they are struck down by God Himself when He comes and all that are left are us Truth-seeking men.

Sorry if there are mistakes in this post. I wrote it real fast ’cause I’m real mad, using a few abbreviations.

One more thing: Just a reminder that you should “like” Chick-fil-A on Facebook if you use that website. Look at the menu, locate stores, prayer requests, it’s all there.

One of the things that I love the most about worshipping with my Latin Mass Community is, (besides the only True liturgy and politics), a vibrant, healthy community.

Mostly vibrant- it was. Awesomely vibrant? ‘Tis!

See, I noticed that there were breakaway groups for most of the cohorts in our community. The old ladies met over cups of hot water to fashion steel bead rosaries for the FSSP missionaries to the Mohammadans in Khartoum (“Tough knots for tough priests,” they like to say.) The old men met to tat lace albs for the (male only!) altar servers and to discuss what the “catholycs” are up to. The young ladies in the community met to BeJewel! their chapel veils and denim homeschool jumpers to color-coordinate with the liturgical color of the day. But what about us young men? We had nothing.


Until one afternoon I was guarding the Adoration Chapel from the liturgical dance brigade and it hit me. I knew what I needed to do.

Two Friday nights later we had our first Traditional Young Men’s Greco-Roman Wrestling Match.

Thanks to a certain online shopping experience we were able to purchase proper loincloths. Zzzzing!

Thanks to our wise and faithful priest, we learned how to put them on (with the appropriate vesting prayers- in Latin– I might add!)

Why the Traditional Young Men’s Greco-Roman Wrestling Club?

  1. A better understanding of traditional Roman culture
  2. Ancient men’s fashion
  3. Bonding with holy brothers
  4. Sweaty wrestling with each other is sort of a metaphor for the spiritual life. After all, we battle demons all the time. Except the demons aren’t sweaty and slippery.
  5. Roman baths!!! Err.

Scratch #5.

Seriously, guys, I invite you to join our group with this. You can email me anytime for details. We’re working on a lapel pin because we believe in this so much. Your traditional young men will never be the same once they grapple each other in a sweaty wrestling match. Trust me.

Parker Euton



P.S. All of my lady friends say I’ve never looked more alive. Take that, liberal catholycs!

It’s time to think about the Catholic Blog Awards. No, not the 2010 ones; no, we need to think about the future. Now is the time to start collecting support for The Catholic Fascist. It will be The Wave of the Future!

Tell your friends! Get the world to support us. For you know, we are the best of the best, and we deserve to win in all of these categories:

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I don’t get it. What exactly is a “Western Confucian?” You know Confucian was educated by Satan to spread confusion, right? There you have it. While not as bad as, say, a Muslim at a pork fest, a Western Confucian is just a communist spy from all I can tell. China is communist, and confusion is the main desire of communists in the West. Western confusion, indeed.

In The Wave of the Future, we will not let confusion reign, in the West nor in the East. But let’s send them back to the East for the time being. We don’t need them causing problems as we fight for our right for freedom.