Cafeteria Catholics?

August 14, 2010

In the combox of a post at The Western Confucian PRAISING The Catholic Fascist, the venerable Mark Shea, a blogger we have nothing but respect for, doesn’t seem to get us, charging:

It scores some funny points against righty cafeteria Catholics. But in the end, it is just another organ of cafeteria Catholicism itself.

We appreciate Shea’s critique and his general concern about “cafeteria Catholicism” which, along with “altar womyn,” represents one of the deepest threats to Male Roman Catholicism. But let us clarify for Shea where we are coming from. We at The Catholic Fascist intend to promote TRUE Catholicism which is out of step with mainstream Catholicism for sure, but also with mere “traditionalist” and “conservative” Catholicism, both of which are far far too liberal. Our audience will likely be small: those who “get it” are the pure Catholic remnant, the “smaller and purer Church” that our (liberal, but getting there) Vicar of Christ has spoken about.

And obviously because we are a minority, we are going to have to bear the charge of “cafeteria Catholicism” from time to time. Thankfully, though, we have pure and wholly consistent Catholics like Mark Shea — true Saints in our midst! — to help show us what “puffed up” Catholics (1 Cor 4:6, 8:1, 13:4) who turn down no food at the cafeteria look like.

Show us the way, Shea!


“No one should doubt that the gunpowder against the infidels is like incense to the Lord.” – Oviedo, 16th c.

Chris Hedges has it right: Christian fascists are growing stronger. But, sadly, not strong enough among our Roman Catholic brethren. Despite some valiant attempts, like our friends at The American Catholic, the Roman Catholic blogosphere remains insufficiently committed to the task of whiteness witness called for during the Second Vatican Council and the duty of spreading American ideals of freedom, capitalism, and unmatched power. Vatican II got so, so many things wrong. But its statement of the Catholic layman’s duty to fight for Catholic truth in the secular sphere could not be more correct.

And today’s United States of America — overrun as it is with radical feminists, whiny liberals, demasculinized “men,” Middle Eastern terrorists, queer homosexualists, greedy pornographers, burnt out drug addicts, lazy deadbeats, and more — needs Christ’s One True Church more than ever. The Catholic Fascist sees its mission as speaking the One Truth into an ambivalent Roman Catholic blogosphere. Our Holy Father is on a mission to purge the Church of its “filth,” and we aim to proclaim and contribute to this cleansing in a way fitting to Internet-connected lay Catholic men.

A note about the blog’s title. Certain minority factions of the Catholic blogosphere have taken to calling conservative Catholics — that is to say TRUE Catholics — “fascists,” a move that is not merely hateful but ignorant of history. Everyone knows that fascists have historically been liberals. Our blog title is not meant to concede that we are “fascists” in the historical sense but to proudly reclaim the word ironically as we boast of the conservative Gospel of Jesus Christ. If promoting the truth is considered “fascist” by the Catholic Left, so be it. Catholic fascists we are.

As founder of The Catholic Fascist, I, Richard Hedges, welcome you to this blog. We will introduce other well-qualified bloggers and exciting features in the coming weeks. Feel free to bookmark us or grab our RSS feed to stay abreast of the truth.