Happy holidays, you fascists!

December 22, 2010

We here at The Catholic Fascist have taken some heat over the supposed misuse of the term “fascist.” (We think our “about us” page explains our usage quite nicely.) Our buddies and mentors over at The American Catholic have often been at the forefront of this quibble-fest, arguing that essentially any use of the terms “fascist” or “fascism” analogously is inappropriate. Sinful, even.

Until today! TAC’s chief ranter Joe Hargrave has finally come around and has decided to start throwing the word “fascist” around a little more liberally. In this post, he rightly condemns everyone who will not utter the words “Merry Christmas” at this holy time of year as a FASCIST! That’s right — Christians and non-Christians alike are fascists if they have a problem with the words “Merry Christmas.” And he is absolutely right.

So kudos to Joe for always speaking the truth, and now, for finally speaking our language! Holiday Birthday-of-the-White-Male-Imperial-Christ blessings upon Joe, The American Catholic, and to all of our readers, now and forever! The government shall be upon his shoulders, so let’s make that gov’t as small as possible in the new year, fellow patriots!