Catholic fascists everywhere have two Catholic bloggers to thank for setting the record straight on the legacy of Christopher Columbus.

Michael Sean Winters over at National Catholic Distorter must have been recruited in order to change the reputation of that newspaper, as his views have often tip-toed into sanity. In addition to holding a quite-right view on the nation of Israel, Winters clearly sees that genocide in the name of the Gospel is justified.

And Joe Hargrave over at The American Catholic, always an unambiguous champion of Catholic fascism, gives us the more detailed goods on why Catholics should never apologize for European imperialism and genocide, including a scathing critique of that hero of the Christian Left — including the proponents of the condemned “liberation theology — Bartolome de Las Casas. Las Casas was clearly the forefather of dissident priests like Gustavo Gutierrez, John Sobrino, Richard McBrien, John Dear, Roger Haiht, and all Jesuits. And he was obviously a total creep and whiny guilt-ridden liberal.

Not only should Catholics NOT apologize for Columbus or Columbus Day or Euro-genocide, LET’S MAKE EVERY DAY COLUMBUS DAY at least in Spirit. Here is a quote to inspire you to those ends:

“No one should doubt that the gunpowder against the infidels is like incense to the Lord.” – Oviedo, 16th c.


Dead horses, you know?

September 26, 2010

I shouldn’t have, but I did!!!!!!

Today I read Fr. Richard McBrien’s article on Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the new head of the Vatican’s Congregation for Bishops. As the prefect for this congregation Cardinal Ouellet will play a crucial role in the appointment of the Church’s bishops in the years to come.

In his article McBrien makes the following observation:

When commenting on the greatest crisis to confront the Catholic Church since the Reformation of the 16th century, Ouellet seemed to blame the scandal of sexual abuse in the priesthood on the weakening of moral standards in society — a common explanation given by those who are reluctant to address the internal problems of the church, including obligatory clerical celibacy, the role of women, and the declining quality of pastoral leadership.

While there might be some who see the clergy sex scandal as the greatest crisis for the Church since the Reformation, I am certainly not one of them. But what I found completely absurd — again, I should’ve avoided the article to begin with, because it was to be expected — was McBrien’s reference to the role of women in this context. How, exactly, would priestesses have prevented the abuse of children by clergy?

Father McBrien: your vision of the Church and of the Second Vatican Council is both erroneous and dying!!!!! Only a tiny fraction of young Catholics in general and those seeking degrees in theology in particular accept that erroneous reading!!!!!

Might I propose that you get with the times?!?!?!?!

FINALLY! A U.S. Catholic Church willing to promote the truth! Morning’s Mittens over at the apostate “blog” Vox Granola is good for SOMETHING at least… He lets us know that Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich, republiteaparty upcomer and shiny brand-new Roman Catholic, will be holding a book signing at the glorious Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception this weekend. Of course, Mittens is trying to get all three of his readers to call the Basilica to protest this appearance of that whom can only be the perfect, most utterly perfect, Catholic public figure we have ever did see. And of course, Mittens had absolutely no problem with the Kenyan baby-killer appearing at the University of Notre Shame to pick up his Catholyc seal-of-approval in the form of a Ph.D. degree!!

Yes, the guy has been an adulterer in his distant past. We get it. Yes, he was a sinner. But what the Catholyc liberal baby-killers don’t understand is that he is a repentant sinner. Sure, it took the flashy-flashy of a new shot at the presidency to make him change his disgusting sexual ways. But this is in fact a glorious AMERICAN TRADITION. Look at Ronald Reagan, the former pro-choice politician and Hollywood whore. Look at John McCain, former — and kinda current — pro-choicer and adulterer. This is the pattern, people. This is how GOD WORKS. His Holiness Gingrinch has come home to Holy Mother Church from the Baptists, just as God has planned it. That’s all that counts. His soul has been saved. He is on the right team. So what if he sometimes sounds a little racist? I mean, so what if he ACTUALLY IS racist?! Look at the facts. Gingrich is

1. a good Catholic,
2. is solidly pro-life,
3. is faithful to Benedict XVI: the Pope of Christian Unity
4. he follows the Catechism of the Catholic Church

That’s all there is to it, folks. I mean, why have we not had potential candidates like this before? It is actually very simply to be a good Catholic politician.

The rector of the Basilica Monsignor Walter Rossi should be COMMENDED and PRAISED and MADE A CARDINAL for what he is doing. Catholic Fascists everywhere should email their thanks to him directly at Send a nice e-card or something, maybe. If you would like to phone your thanks to him, do so at 202-526-8300. Tell Rossi that you are pleased that Benedict’s Vicar to the United States (forget about that Latino ambassador dude who is probably PRO-CHOICE I forget his name what the heck is it) is being given this holiest of platforms.

Joe Hartgrooves deserves centuries off of his stay in purgatory for his completely spot on account of THE CRUSADES and why we were right to fight them and why Moslims are always wrong and always have been wrong and violent and murderers. Like Joe, I am sick and tired of people saying that Christians cannot condemn The Moslemistic Fascists because “Christians have been violent too.” Of course we have been violent too. Our God told us to do it. But our God is real, and their “god” is NOT REAL. That makes OUR violence OKAY and THEIR violence idolatrous murder. This is so elementary, so central to basic Catholic catechesis (unless you were catechized in post-1970 hippie dippie Catholycism), that I seriously can’t believe the Moslims DON’T GET IT.

Seriously, I just hope that through Joe’s courageous post many will check again world history, especially our Moslim brothers and sisters who are just dead wrong about this and about everything. It is a post that needs to be read in full by all in the mainstream media. I, for one, am sending it to that guy from the Daily Show in just a few minutes. I would love to see Joe tear the crap out of that whiny liberal pansy like the righteous and potentially violent CRUSADER that he is.

The fact is, the vicious Mosllims of those violent times had far, far more Christian and Jewish blood on their hands than all the Christians soldiers, militia members, KKK adherents, and abortion clinic bombers that have ever lived.

And by the way, I think it’s great that JP II refused to apologize for the Crusades. Why ask forgiveness for all my sins I committed 750 years ago! That was then. This is now. Plus, in reality we do not need to “apologize” for anything. We are Traditional Catholics.

So again I say, Yes! At last! Thank you, Joe Hartgrooves! I see that there are some liberal wussies who want to debate you. I say, in the words of our late, great former president, “BRING ‘EM ON.” I have set up an email address for you to handle all of the debate requests that will come your way so as not to clog your family’s email inbox: YESJOEHARTGROOVESIWILLDEBATEYOUPLEASEDONTHURTMETOOBAD@YAHOO.COM. I will send you the password here in a few minutes.

America’s swastika??

August 21, 2010

I have been a fan of the blog SOUTHERN APPEAL for some time. They is the REAL DEAL folks. Nevertheless, even a morally upright, masculine, entirely SOUTHERN, pro-military, white, Christian blog like Southern Appeal can be infiltrated the liberal enemy Satan. One of its writers decided to depart from the blog, and in his departure post he rightly condemns the idea of the Moslem Mosque’s erection at Ground Zero, but compares the whole thing to the continued use of the Confederate Flag (a true symbol of American Gloryousness if there ever was one) which he calls “America’s swastika.” You have got to be kidding me, Tom. People died for that flag, man! How dare you say that?

Congratulations to SOUTHERN APPEAL on getting rid of this liberal nutcase who hates American traditions, especially those related to the oppression of the American South. Let not this detour into P.C.-land deter you from speaking the truth about what is truly American and good and holy and Godlike. We must stand up for OUR people!

In honor of S.A. giving whiny liberal Tom the boot, I will fly my Confederate Flag all week.

Not one of us

August 17, 2010

A “Catholic” blogger that I once respected has “come out of the closet” in favor of “civil unions” for homosexualists.

Have no fear, Catholic fascists, as I have removed both of her liberal blogs from our blogroll. Clearly she is not one of us.