September 3, 2010

Holy fucking shit. I have to swear a little bit, and I apologize and reprent to my God Jesus, but HOLY SHIT, this video had me in tears:

At first I thought it must be a joke, from maybe some liberals or something, because I have never encountered such sincerity from Republican Tea Partiers. Ray Steven, you have outdone thyself. This video will move hearts. And minds. And souls, to the Jesus that I know.

I cannot say much as I am still absorbing all of the sand, cacti, blue screens, and trucker hats featured in your musical film. But I will reiterate!


3:41 — You shake your head at the sin of this liberal nation!
3:44 — You put your hands in your own middle-class pockets that that MUSLIN Obama President of ours is STEALING FROM.

You seriously could not be more accurate in the way you portray the oppression of the white, bearded man in this country!

So, lemme get this straight. Tomorrow is Friday which means Saturday is Saturday and that is the day I can and will go to confession to reprent to Jesus for the word “fucking” that I used in this post. But tough guys must use tough words to portray the obscenity of the brown men and womens that are entering this country to steal from us. I promise to have a little talk with Jesus about my language in confession on Saturday, as it was use only for his glory and for his honor and also that of the United States of America on this day in Glenn Beck’ honoor. Forgiveness is coming for me in sacrament.

I dare you to listen to this video and not be moved in the depths of your heart, soul, and nether-regions. Thank you, Ray. Ray, thanks.


Women’s Corner

August 13, 2010

Despite what you hear from the FEMINIST INFILTRATION in the Church, women do have a place in the Church. They have THEIR place in the Church. Likewise, although there are few regular women contributors here at THE CATHOLIC FASCIST, we do recognize the role women have in the Catholic Blogosphere and the contributions they might make there. So, progressives that we are, we would like to offer traditional, conservative, women Catholics (beyond our lone female regular contributor) the chance to say something here from time to time. We propose to begin a feature called “WOMEN’S CORNER” in which a woman or a group of women have the opportunity to share with us from their place, the “women’s place” in the Church. We are not sure what form this will take and how often it will occur, perhaps once a month or once every few years. Interested women should send an email to us at thecatholicfascist at gmail.com describing what they hope to contribute to the blog, why they like the blog, why they like the men who write for the blog, how they will promote the traditional Gospel to the men of the blogosphere and to the world, and a once sentence summary of how they understand their place in the Church.