The liberal dissedent (and probably closeted homosexualistic) Catholyc blog “VOX NOVA” (hereafter referred to as VOX PUKA or VOX NO-WAY JOSE!) weighs in with it’s opinion of our weblog e-postolate THE CATHOLIC FASCIST here.

Vox Puka blogger Harry Karlson (probably a fake name inspired by KARL MARKS) makes several claims that are just off base or just stupid.

1) Harry Karlmarks says that we are ridiculing the way that Catholic doctrine is presented on the internet. Nope. No we are not. We are CHANGING the way Catholic doctrine is presented on the internet. It is now in its PUREST ELECTRONICAL FORM, UNABRIDGED TRUTH. The only thing better than what we say here is the Catechism, the first version of course, not the revised one that says the great American tradition of capital punishment is wrong.

2) He seems to suggest that we ripped off the idea for this blog from some Orthodox blog called The Onion Dome. No way. I don’t think any of us have ever heard of that blog. The Onion, yes. Onion Dome? No. No way.

3) Karlmarks makes the accusation that there are grammatical mistakes in this blog. That could be true. Good point.

4) Harry says that THE CATHOLIC FASCIST is “not needed” just because there is a blog already called The American Catholic. Maybe if Harry would actually read this blog — at least the description of it, this blog — he would know how much we look up to The American Catholic. THAT said, when we wrote our “ABOUT” page, we meant what we said. Even The American Catholic and blogs that are like it are too liberal. That is precisely why we are needed. This blog = the fullest expression of e-Truth you can find on the Internet.

5) Finally the last couple of sentences is Harry’s post are just plain dumb liberal nonsense. He says:

One thing I think its critics are right about: The Catholic Fascist, unless it brings in new ideas, is a blog which will come and go and will soon be forgotten.

This Harry guy is a great example of the typical liberal, modernist desire for NEWNESS and INNOVATION. If THE CATHOLIC FASCIST does not say something NEW, then it must not be right and it will fade from existence. I have news for Karlmarx: GOD’S TRUTH IS ETERNAL AND THAT MEANS OLD. And we will continue to proclaim God’s eternally old Truth into the wet ears of this young liberal generation whether these liberal Marxist socialist anarchist hippies and their “new and improved”-obsessed “minds” until they are struck down by God Himself when He comes and all that are left are us Truth-seeking men.

Sorry if there are mistakes in this post. I wrote it real fast ’cause I’m real mad, using a few abbreviations.

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I want to introduce everyone to one of the great voices on the web, Lisa Graas. Her posts represent the Wave of the Future! She shows us what needs to be done!

Just say no to mosques!

Reject the Socialist USCCB!

Oppose health care — because it is socialist, and also it will help the ungodly die quicker!

The Wave of the Future, here with us today!