Rosemary Radford Ruether — feminist “theologian” and hero of liberals everywhere — attempts to undermine the One True Church’s® traditional and proven teaching on apostolic succession in a recent article on women’s ordination at the National Catholic Reporter Distorter. What is interesting is that she criticizes the Roman Catholic “Womenpriest” movement for their belief in apostolic succession! Ruether does not believe in the MALE-ONLY priesthood and she does not believe in something so basic as apostolic succession, saying that there is no historical evidence for it. She should just admit that she hates the Catholic Church. Kudos to the Roman Catholic “Womenpriest” movement for at least retaining some semblance of belief in the top-down, “mechanistic,” power-from-on-high concept of apostolic succession, priestly authority, and pyramidal hierarchy, unlike this washed up apostle to the apostles heretic to the heretics.